What is the best time to visit north east India?

I have been asked about the ‘best season’ to visit the north-eastern states of India or the north-east as it is referred, more than once and every time my answer have been slightly different from the previous one.

The reason being, even after being born, brought-up and lived there for over two decades of my life, I could not figure out which is the season during which the north-east was at its best.

foggy day meghalaya

Foggy NH 44 – Near Umkiang

This part of the country is very diverse in itself and there is always something wonderful to experience, feel and see all round the year, in each and every season.

It all depends on what you actually want to see or experience in your visit to the ‘north-east’.

north cachar hills quarters

Govt. quarters in Langting

Do you want to escape from the summers of the plains or do you want to experience the chilly mornings of the snowy winters here, or is it the greenery and gushing waterfalls here that interests you?

The options are endless, we are talking about the north-east mind you 🙂 .

But anyway, when a question is asked quite often it must be answered and so, let me try to ‘answer’ to What is the best time to visit north-east India?

For those who want to visit a place when it is in its ‘perfect’ shape and don’t bother about other like-minded people thronging places of interest, November through April or may be mid of May is the time when most of the north-eastern states are in good condition with no rain, land-slides or any such thing. The recently-started Tawang festival also happens in this period, during the first weeks of the month of May.

If you are among those who loves to walk alongside the clouds or wants to see the countless waterfalls in their full glory, the monsoon months starting from mid of May to the months of September-October are just perfect for you.

meghalaya during the monsoons

Greenery during the monsoons

However, don’t forget about the landslides that are quite common in these months. If you are okay with the probable landslides costing you a day or two, then my friend, I promise you that the greenery you will see in the north-east will be second to none.

If you would want to meet the one-horned rhino, the pride of the Kaziranga National park and its other neighbors the right time to visit starts from the month of November, for the next six months.

Nohkalikai Falls

A totally water-less Nohkalikai Falls in November

The famous Hornbill festival which showcases all aspects of the Naga tribal culture takes place in the last week of November or the first week of December. So if that’s what you have in your mind, to learn about Naga tribes and their cultures and take part or witness in the many interesting competitions like the chilli eating or pork-eating competitions that happen during that time, you now know when you should go!

naga traditional attire hornbill festival

A Naga man in his traditional attire  PC-Kaushik Saikia

This in short gives you an idea about what to expect in which month in the north-east.

Now that you have all the some about what to expect during which time, its your turn to tell me which season is best for you to visit the north-east !

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17 thoughts on “What is the best time to visit north east India?

    • Ahhhh that’s great!
      If you have plans to visit Kolkata as well, try an coincide your dates with those of the Durga Puja, the grandest festival pf West Bengal (would be probably in mid oct).

      Have a wonderful trip 🙂

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  2. hmmm… which place in the North East, Assam?, or darjeeling, sikkim??… and from from North East are you from?… just asking… anyway… I guess it will be a different cultural experience to travel here with all the festival you telling, I like chilli eating idea but am not sure I can do it… if I have to go though I like greenery, I prefer the time without landslides(:… but if I get into a real traveller spirit I think I will enjoy visiting the place any time of the year, even summer, the time I hate because of heat… good day

    • How about some remote Arunachal then, once you are done with Manipur of-course 😉

      BTW, your presence here reminded me of your colourful post on the pickles of Meghalaya 😀

  3. Thank you for your write-up and tips. I have in my mind to do a family trip to Assam, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh. Are there pure vegetarian restaurants in these states?

    • Hi Suresh,

      There are many pure vegeterian restaurants in Assam and some in Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. Vegeterian food is not going to be a problem.

      Feel free to ask if you have any more doubts or questions regarding the region.


  4. Hi
    We are planning to visit Assam in June. I love rains but am scared of landslides .Is June ok as it is just beginning of rains and maybe less risk for landslides?

    • It’s the best time to visit. I would suggest you club Meghalaya too in you plan. This is in fact the best time to visit Meghalaya as well. The landslide prone areas are not where you will be traveling, those are on the other side.

      If you need any help on planning or arranging anything in the North East, feel free to ping me.

      I have recently started my own travel startup here after moving from Bangalore and I will be glad to show you around.

      Here’s my startup in North East Explorers’ Facebook page. http://Facebook.com/thenortheastexplorer


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