The Shy Kids Of Meghalaya

Following a very vague lead and after driving through some of the most gorgeous valleys and plains of the region, which remained covered under heavy for the most part, we had finally reached one of the most breathtaking village I had been to in quite some time. But that was only half the job done. We had come here for some photography and wanted to go to a particular part of the village in order to get the views we were looking for but were not able to locate it. And, we were already at the end of the road! So, we decided to the most obvious thing, ask the locals. We, however, had no idea what that would lead to.

Nongjrong village

A Lone House, Meghalaya

Peeping out of the car I beckoned the kids which were following us joyfully while as we entered the village.… continue reading

A quick trip to Shillong and Cherrapunjee

Known as Scotland of the east, Shillong is one of the most beautiful and happening hill-stations in north-east India.

I had crossed Shillong many times on my way home to Silchar (A glimpse of north-east India) but had never got a chance to actually visit this beautiful hill-station.

The Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians

The Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians

However, that changed sometime back when I finally managed to do a quick trip to the capital of the land of clouds, Meghalaya.

shillong peak

Shillong city as seen from the Shillong peak

As this was a quick trip, I could not visit all the places in Shillong I would have to loved to but then again, we always need a reason to re-visit a beautiful place, don’t we? 😉

Elephant falls Shillong

Elephant falls -Shillong

The main plan this time was to visit Cherrapunjee and leave Shillong for the next time.… continue reading