Ladakh Inner Line Permits Reintroduced

While tourism departments of various states are doing away with or simplifying their process to obtain Inner Line Permits, the LAHDC (Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council) has decided to go one step back. Instead of ‘opening up’ new destinations to visitors, they have decided to go back to the pre-2014 days and have introduced ILP (Inner Line Permit) for Indian nationals. It was back in 2012 when I had visited Ladakh for the first time when the ILP regime was in force. And I remember that we had to waste around a couple of hours for the same.

Ladakh Inner Liner Permit Procedure

Ladakh Inner Liner Permit Procedure

While a couple of hours might not sound a lot but when you plan to start early in the morning as you only have a limited number of days there, it sure does.… continue reading

All you should know about Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

In my previous post about how to prepare for Ladakh I talked about how Ladakh was one of the most extreme places and the things you should know before visiting Ladakh. I had also mentioned that of all the ‘dangers’ that pose a threat to someone visiting Ladakh, Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS is the one thing you really should know well about before visiting Ladakh, or any high-altitude destination for that matter. The topic of how to avoid altitude sickness is a big one but I will try to be precise here. So buckle-up and be rest assured that by the time you are on the other side, you will have a clear idea about how to have a safe and wonderful trip to Ladakh.

Things to know about Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS

Things to know about Acute Mountain Sickness

What is high-altitude?continue reading

Must know things before you visit Ladakh

Ladakh is a land of many extremes. The cold there can freeze you to death and you run the risk of suffering a sun-stroke as well. An old Ladakhi saying perfectly sums up Ladakh in one line, “The Land is so barren and the passes so high that only our fiercest enemies or Our best friends would want to visit us“. What it also means to someone who wants to visit Ladakh for the first time in practical terms is, you cannot do an impromptu visit to Ladakh. In order to enjoy your trip to this magical land in the laps of the Himalayas, you should have some idea about how to prepare for Ladakh before you actually embark on your trip.

At the Gate of Ladakh, Sonemarg

At the Gate of Ladakh, Sonemarg

I share here few points that had helped me enjoy my first trip to Ladakh to the fullest.… continue reading

India Gate at night

Despite the fact that I have been to Delhi an insane number of times over the past few years, as embarrassing as it might sound, I had not been able to visit the India Gate at night. Something I really wanted to do since a while. Heck I haven’t been there even during the day time in almost two decades now. Last I was at the Rajpath was on a humid June (or was it July?) noon as a school boy, way back in 1997. So when me and Ruchi found ourselves in Delhi last summers after a successful trek to the Hampta pass, I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to visit the India Gate which had eluded me far too long now.

India Gate at night photo

India Gate at night-Dilli

The warm and humid air welcomed us as soon as left the comforts of the air-cooled cab.… continue reading

The Stage of electrifying Patriotism – Wagah

I feel my heart beat faster with every step I take on this last stretch of the road. No vehicles are allowed on this half-kilometer or so of the road leading to a security-check area and then to the border-gate. I had been dreaming of being here since quite some time now and now that I am here, I am finding it tough to control my excitement, quite literally. The sticky and humid August afternoon suddenly doesn’t feel bothersome any-more. Pushing myself through the sea of people I somehow make it to the security gate. I can still feel my heart throbbing under my dripping-wet Tee but I don’t care. My eyes are fixated at what lay beyond.

So Near yet so far - Wagah Border, Punjab

So Near yet so far – Wagah Border, Punjab

I am at the border-gate between India and Pakistan, at what was once the village of Wagah.… continue reading

10 Travel Photos Of 2015

The year 2015 has been pretty exciting in terms of travel for me. It has been a year of at-least a couple of interesting firsts for me besides visits to places I had never thought I would be visiting any time sooner. I was hoping to squeeze-in one more trip somewhere in the unknown this long weekend before I come-up with this post but sadly, that could not happen, all thanks to the flu that the changing season seems to have brought with it. Having said that, there’s no point brooding over something that did not materialize. Instead, let me share with you some moments from my travels in this year which is only 6 sunsets away from becoming part of history.

borail hills silchar haflong road

Beauty of the Borail Hills

The Borail Hills: Even though I was born and brought-up in Assam (which still is my home) and not far from the Borail Hills, I had never had the opportunity to venture into them and experience them up close, save for once as a child.… continue reading

Hampta Pass Trek

After completing the series about our Hampta Pass Trek I realized that the posts related to the trek are not in sequence. In between, I have related about my other travel as experience as well, like the post I wrote about my first trip to the Himalayas or, the one I wrote when I decided to go on my first solo trip. This made it pretty irritating for someone who wanted to read the posts related to the Hampta pass trek in a sequential way. So, I decided to put all the links here ordered by day in this post which will make it easier to find the related post.

Camp at Chikka - Hampta Pass Trekking

Camp at Chikka – Hampta Pass Trekking

Hampta Pass – A Trek to the Himalayas

Hampta Pass Trek-Day 1, Jobra to Chikka

Hampta Pass Trek-Day 2, Chikka to Balu ka Gera

Hampta Pass Trek-Day 3, Balu ka Gera to Sia Goru

Hampta Pass Trek-Day 4, Sia Goru to Chattru

In Pictures – The Himalayas at night

Naggar and the Castle


How I prepared for my first Himalayan Trek

Packing for your first Himalayan trek

Have you been on a trek in the mighty Himalayas?continue reading

Naggar and the Castle

Looking out from my window seat, I see the chaotic & touristy Manali getting smaller and smaller as the bus slowly crawls down one last bridge before it starts snaking ahead. Tall pine trees on both sides lean-to make sort of a green tunnel around the snaking road. I try to be as comfortable as I can in my cramped seat and settle-down for the hour-long journey ahead. Old Hindi songs blare from the stereo as my co-passengers get busy with whatever seems to interest them. Some talking, some dozing-off while few of them twiddling their mobiles. With every turn, the road seems to become narrower leaving me surprised every time our jovial driver comfortably gives way to an oncoming vehicle without having stop the bus even once.

manali to naggar by road

Apple trees next to the road – Naggar

After close to a week of walking through the beautiful meadows and majestic mountains of Himachal, we had thought of getting yet another feel of the place before we leave. … continue reading