10 Favorite Instagram Photos from My Travels

This is one love-affair which was hopelessly slow during initial days. The craze about an app just because one can add different effects did not make much sense to me, if any. I was sure I will move-on after playing with it for a few days. That however, was not to be. With time I seemed to enjoy sharing photos of the places I visited and adding some details around them. Neither the one-lined captions nor entire blog-posts, something in between. It was fun. And lost in this fun, I did not even realize the time that has passed. Looking back at an year or so of instgramming now brings a smile on my face. And as they say, there’s nothing better to share than a smile.

10 Favorite Instagram Images

10 Favorite Instagram Images

So here I am, actually writing an entire post sharing my top 10 Instagram photos and hoping that I make you smile.… continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a DSLR Camera

We are living in exciting times. The sort of technologies we now take for granted would have been unimaginable a decade or so ago. While it is great that this constant ‘technological advancement’ has definitely made our lives easier, it has over time, also changed the way we purchase things. Nowadays, we tend to buy a lot of stuff we don’t actually need and the Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) is one of them.

Friends and colleagues have asked me more than once if they should buy a DSLR camera. Reason: it takes good photos!! I have answered this a significant number of time. I still get asked the same. Hence this post.

nikon d3100 tokina 11-16 dx II

My Trusted Nikon

1. DSLRs don’t take photosContrary to what many people think, just buying a costly DSLR does not entitle you to great photos you can drool over.… continue reading

The good and bad of Travel Photography

I have always wanted to share my travel stories soon after I return from any trip, within weeks if not days. It’s always fun to share memories when everything is fresh in the mind. However, I have hardly been able to do so and the reason almost always, has been the photos. I take a lot of photos during my travels so once back, sorting the good ones from the not so good ones becomes a task. This task takes even more effort and time in my case because I shoot RAW. I used to shoot in jpeg during my initial days with my DSLR but soon learned about the levels of flexibility and control that comes with shooting RAW and fell for it. No regrets here.

The Elephants Falls in Shillong

The Elephants Falls in Shillong – Shot in RAW

Even though I hardly harness half or may be even less than that, of what can be achieved by shooting RAW, I like the granular control I get over almost all aspect of the photos and the final result much more as compared to automatically created JPEGs by the camera.… continue reading

In Pictures – The Himalayas at night

As soon as I stepped out of the home-stay a gust of cold wind hit me right on my face. It was freezing cold outside. I was at a height of 14,400 feet ASL after-all. Within moments I found myself contemplating whether to continue my walk towards the lake or turn back to the warmth of the home-stay behind me. With a confused mind, I looked up towards the heavens for some help and the heavens answered immediately. The sight of a billion twinkling stars above in a cloudless sky overshadowed any half-a-thought of going back inside that I had in my mind.

Tents at night, Chattru Hampta Pass Trekking

Tents at night, Chattru – Spiti Valley

I found myself lost in the beauty of the sky above in no time, totally oblivious to the bone-chilling temperature and the cold gusts of wind hitting me from the front.… continue reading

Post cards from Kashmir

Back in 2012 when I was planning my maiden Ladakh trip on bike one of the first decisions I had to make was whether to go via the Manali – Leh highway or via the slightly longer but more scenic National Highway 1D which starts from Srinagar and goes all the way up-to Leh. I decided to go with the later because, in addition to the ascent in this route being more gradual (and hence less chance of being stuck by AMS or Acute Mountains Sickness), it also presents the traveler with fantastic views. Another reason for me to opt for the later option over the former was the Dal lake, which I have been wanting to see since quite sometime.

First view of Kashmir Valley

First view of Kashmir Valley

The first ‘view’ I remember from the trip is undoubtedly of the valley (another name unofficially used for the Kashmir valley).… continue reading

Ladakh in 10 images: A Flashback

Even though the travel bug bit me a tad bit late, I have traveled my share of places in India in the past few years. Places some of which amazed me, some didn’t. Some I liked so much more while others did not impress me enough to remember much about them after a short while.

Pangong tso ladakh

Vast mountains and the magical Pangong

Out of all the trips I have done till now, my maiden trip to Ladakh sits right on top of the list as the best and most enriching trip ever. It has been close to three years since I have been there and to put it very mildly, I can only say that I am yet to come back from Ladakh!

Now is that time of the year when snow in the high mountain passes melts, making way for people heading to the magical land of Ladakh and this is the time I miss Ladakh even more, want to go and get lost in its vastness and beauty, leaving behind the monotonous life I live.… continue reading