Getting to know the Hexa, in flesh

The first thing that caught my attention the moment I stepped inside the car was its surprisingly premium-looking interiors. And premium they were, unlike any SUV I have come across of-course except for the Land Rover which I took for a wonderful off-roading session some time back. As I settled down on the driving-seat while my team-mates made themselves comfortable in their respective seats, I couldn’t help but appreciate the perfectly in sync with each other interiors and the equally impressive console. It had impressed me yesterday by its looks from the outside and it does the same again today, from the inside. “It is going to be an exciting day”, I thought to myself as I belted-up, all set to hit the highway.

Test Driving the Tata Hexa

Test Driving the Tata Hexa

Okay, before I share with you my feelings about the TATA Hexa after our 180-kilometer drive which took us through varying road conditions, let me tell you that I have absolutely no technical gyan when it comes to cars.… continue reading

A fun weekend with friends and the Hexa

The memories of the last such drive in Goa, where I had driven the TATA Tiago (then known as Zica) through the beautiful roads of South Goa, brought a smile on my face as I boarded my flight to Hyderabad. I along with a bunch of other top bloggers of the country was invited by TATA Motors get a first-hand experience of TATA Motors’ upcoming SUV, the Tata Hexa. Last time we had had a lot of fun in Goa so quite naturally this time too, I was looking forward to a great weekend in Hyderabad. I am sure the other bloggers too had similar expectations.

tata hexa with camping gear fully loaded

The fully loaded Tata Hexa

In the lush green lawn of the hotel and under a clear blue sky stood the Hexa, all loaded with adventure accessories. … continue reading

Off-roading fun with the new Land Rover

We were supposed to meet the last month but few things came in between and we couldn’t. As they say, things happen only when they are supposed to! When our proposed meeting did not materialize the last time, I, by no chance had expected another meeting happening so soon. However, serendipity works in strange ways! Within less than a month of having missed the first chance, another date with the beauty was fixed. And in what a wonderful way! I have always fancied SUVs. The newer ones, all the more. So when I found one fine morning in the outskirts of Bangalore fall set to go on a date with one from the Jaguar Land Rover stable, I was way too much excited.

The New Discovery Sport Land Rover

The New Discovery Sport

At the Wild Re-treat Adventure Club, I was all set to experience some off-roading fun with Jaguar and Land Rover’s all new Discovery Sport.… continue reading

The Zostel Experience

I had stayed at a backpacker’s hostel during my last solo trip to Goa and had quite liked it. Though the hostel was not one of the best, it had helped me get an idea about what to expect and what not to while staying in such environments and I personally did not find many items that I could complain about or which bothered me in any way. During my visit to Gokarna the previous weekend (more on that coming soon), I chose to stay at a backpacker’s hostel again. This one however was quite different from the previous one I had stayed at in Goa. Different in a good way.

Gokarna Beach from the cafe, Zostel Gokarna

Gokarna Beach from the cafe, Zostel Gokarna

One of the first things I remember however was the tiring half-a-kilometer up-hill walk which I had to endure in that sweltering heat.… continue reading

On The Trail of Genghis Khan

Even though I am a slow reader, I still read as many books as I can. The fact that the many books that I read is less actually than half the total number of books I buy, is a different matter altogether. Anyway, talking about this book, On The Trail of Genghis Khan, I happened to buy this at random. I usually keep browsing through online stores for books, specially on travel and if a book interests me, I do some basic research (read Googling) before deciding on whether to buy it or move ahead. In case of this book however, not much research was needed. A guy riding a horse for ten thousand kilometres through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia. What more did I need.

On The Trail of Genghis Khan book photo

On The Trail of Genghis Khan

These are some of the countries which had always made me curious in a strange way.… continue reading

An end-user’s review of TATA Tiago

After sleeping pretty late last night, I woke-up at 5.45 in the morning!! No I didn’t on my own but because the reception guys gave me a wake-up call!! I am still looking for the person who requested that wake-up call. I really want to kill him once I find him!! I never slept after that and after freshening-up, checked-out and headed for the lavish breakfast at about 8 AM. As we were in team D-9, one of the last teams, we still had some time to have our breakfast. A lot of photos and selfies later, we were finally in our car and at the entrance of the resort, ready to be flagged-off. Needless to say, I was excited.

Flag-off tata zica from the resort - Alila Diva Goa

Flag-off from the resort – Alila Diva Goa

Now before I share my experience of the car (and the drive), let me tell you that even though I love riding and driving and this love has been there since a while now, I will score a prefect zero if someone asks me about any technical aspect of a vehicle.… continue reading

Hunt for the ideal ISP

Ever since I moved to my current place almost a year back I have struggled to get hold of a proper internet service provider in the area who provides a reliable and high-speed connection and at a price that won’t make a big hole in my pocket every month. The list of my options became even smaller with the fact that I wanted a wireless solution which would let connect my three-four devices that I use simultaneously, to the internet and without any of those wires hanging around in the house.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

None of the options which I tried over the last few months offered me all that I wanted. There were options which were, in terms of features, providing everything I was looking for but then were going to be heavy on the pocket.… continue reading

A day at BIC with Honda Jazz

The last weekend was one of the most exciting weekends I have had in the recent past. I was invited by Honda Cars India to the Budh International Circuit, India’s only and one of the fastest F1 race tracks in the world, for the pre-launch upcoming hatchback the New Jazz. The event, Hangout with Honda as Honda called it, was a grand one.

honda jazz launch india

The all new Honda Jazz

One of the best things about being part of the event was of-course meeting a lot of like-minded bloggers from all across the country but, the most exciting thing for me was getting to drive (if not race 🙁 ) on an F1 track!!

honda jazz

From behind

Icing on the cake, I was going to drive the all new Jazz before anybody else (expect for us who were there) gets a chance to experience it!!… continue reading