Some History and Some Adventure

Old historic places have always intrigued be. From churches to old buildings to age-old neighborhoods and towns, the older they are, with their past preserved, the more they seem to impress me. There’s one thing I find common at such places, something I like the most and it would not be wrong if I say that it actually is the thing I enjoy the most when visiting age-old places. It’s the rustic charm that they have. You just have to just slow down a little and try to see beyond the obvious and you will realize how many stories lay undiscovered all around. The more you peel the layers, the more you realize how fascinating it is.

Tangkuban Perahu volcano

The Tangkuban Perahu, Badung – East Java Credit

Thankfully, our part of the world has many such wonderful places to be explored and one such place is the Bandung in Indonesia.… continue reading

Off-roading fun with the new Land Rover

We were supposed to meet the last month but few things came in between and we couldn’t. As they say, things happen only when they are supposed to! When our proposed meeting did not materialize the last time, I, by no chance had expected another meeting happening so soon. However, serendipity works in strange ways! Within less than a month of having missed the first chance, another date with the beauty was fixed. And in what a wonderful way! I have always fancied SUVs. The newer ones, all the more. So when I found one fine morning in the outskirts of Bangalore fall set to go on a date with one from the Jaguar Land Rover stable, I was way too much excited.

The New Discovery Sport Land Rover

The New Discovery Sport

At the Wild Re-treat Adventure Club, I was all set to experience some off-roading fun with Jaguar and Land Rover’s all new Discovery Sport.… continue reading

‘Greetings Human’, says the new IndiPR

I as of now, have refrained from publishing any Press Releases on my blog and I don’t see myself accepting any in the near future as well. The reason? I don’t think PRs, until and unless they are about products or services closely related to the theme of my blog, travel, would be a good fit here. Neither would it be something delightful to read something un-related. However, when I came to know about something from the IndiBlogger stable, a community to which the blogger in me owes a lot (more on that some other time 🙂 ), I made an exception and decided to share the launch of IndiPR here.

IndiPR by IndiBlogger

IndiPR by IndiBlogger

IndiPR – Beyond Humans

The good guys of my Indi family have been really working hard towards building a vibrant Blogging community over the past few years.… continue reading