The Shy Kids Of Meghalaya

Following a very vague lead and after driving through some of the most gorgeous valleys and plains of the region, which remained covered under heavy for the most part, we had finally reached one of the most breathtaking village I had been to in quite some time. But that was only half the job done. We had come here for some photography and wanted to go to a particular part of the village in order to get the views we were looking for but were not able to locate it. And, we were already at the end of the road! So, we decided to the most obvious thing, ask the locals. We, however, had no idea what that would lead to.

Nongjrong village

A Lone House, Meghalaya

Peeping out of the car I beckoned the kids which were following us joyfully while as we entered the village.… continue reading

Sighting The Unexpected In Kaziranga

The tall grass moved suddenly. Then, it moved again and then once more. There was no wind which meant there was ‘something’ there. We almost knew for certain that it was not a deer, neither was it a rhino. The movement had been abrupt every time unlike when something is grazing. A baby rhino who is not really interested in eating? Maybe, but highly unlikely. Rhinos rarely let their babies wander out of their sight. Then what was it? We looked at each other’s confused faces in pin-drop silence. When we both knew none of us had the answer, we returned to keeping a watch at the tall grass barely 5 feet from us. And then, it moved again!

Jeep safari Inside The Kohora Range Photo, Kaziranga

Heading Deep Inside The Kohora Range, Kaziranga

We were on our way back after our Jeep Safari in Kaziranga’s Central Range, Kohora when we saw the only jeep ahead stop suddenly and it’s occupants, a bunch of excited European tourists scramble to stand atop the vehicle they had been enjoying their safari in.… continue reading

Street Food Scene In Munnar

Before I went to Munnar, I thought Munnar was all about tea plantations and mountains. Sure there are lakes and waterfalls too but what I had never expected was, a street food culture in Munnar. For someone like me who loves to eat, it was a super pleasant surprise. Our road trip from Bangalore to Munnar was a family trip with kids and elders so there was a certain plan to follow, unlike I generally prefer to travel. Of all the things to do in Munnar and places to visit, dinner at the street food stalls at the Post Office road was one of our must do things in Munnar. And what a wonderful decision it turned out to be.

Street Food Scene in Munnar

Street Food Scene in Munnar

Before sundown, the Post office (where all the action happens) looks like any other street of an Indian hill-station but things start changing once the sun is down and the streets light up.… continue reading

Weekend Drive To Hajo – Poa Mecca

It had been a while since I last visited anywhere with family. After moving back, I had expected to travel more frequently, more so because now I will be closer to the mountains. The reality, however, has been different all I had been able to do in all these months here was one single day trip tp Samdrup Jonkhar in Bhutan. I knew this had to change but at the same time, I did not see any interesting trip with family happening in the near future. So I decided to find something that fits somewhere ‘in between’. It was decided that we’ll go for a day-trip to Hajo, a historically and religiously significant town on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra, around 25 kilometres from Guwahati.

The Road Leading to Poa Mecca, Hajo

The Road Leading to Poa Mecca, Hajo

Hajo in itself is just another small town but what makes the town interesting are its ancient religious sites and artefacts scattered in and around Hajo.… continue reading

Ladakh Inner Line Permits Reintroduced

While tourism departments of various states are doing away with or simplifying their process to obtain Inner Line Permits, the LAHDC (Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council) has decided to go one step back. Instead of ‘opening up’ new destinations to visitors, they have decided to go back to the pre-2014 days and have introduced ILP (Inner Line Permit) for Indian nationals. It was back in 2012 when I had visited Ladakh for the first time when the ILP regime was in force. And I remember that we had to waste around a couple of hours for the same.

Ladakh Inner Liner Permit Procedure

Ladakh Inner Liner Permit Procedure

While a couple of hours might not sound a lot but when you plan to start early in the morning as you only have a limited number of days there, it sure does.… continue reading

Strolling The Aga Khan Palace

Built in the late nineteenth century near the banks of the Mula river, the grand Aga Khan Palace – one of India’s biggest historic landmarks, sat right at the top of my things to do in Pune list as I tried to explore the city over the weekend. I had explored the iconic Shaniwarwada yesterday, followed by the Raja Dinkar Kelkar museum. While the Shaniwarwada wowed me, I was super impressed by what lay inside the otherwise nondescript three-storey museum but more on that soon. For now, let’s talk about the Aga Khan Palace where I stopped by on my way to the airport.

aga khan palace photos pune

The courtyard of Aga Khan Palace, Pune

Because the Aga Khan Palace falls on the way to the Pune airport, actually just a few kilometres from it and my flight to Bangalore was late in the evening, I had almost the entire day to explore the place.… continue reading

Nagaland Inner Line Permit Guide

While applying for Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Arunachal Pradesh, I had also applied for Nagaland Inner Line Permit as I wanted to visit Mon and Longwa and a little beyond that, during the Aaoling festival before heading to Basar for the Mopin festival this year (more on the festivals festival later). While I had wanted to apply the Arunachal Pradesh ILP offline because my travel plan in the state involved inter-district travel, for Nagaland I had planned to apply the ILP online as my plan here was pretty straightforward. But that was not to be.

Nagaland ILP

How To Apply Inner Line Permit (ILP) For Nagaland

Types of Inner Line Permits for Nagaland

For easier segregation of the people visiting the state, the government of Nagaland issues Inner Line different categories.… continue reading

The ‘Tour’ That Never Happened

One of the things that we wanted to do during our stay in George Town, Penang, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage was to take a tour of the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, also known as the Blue Mansion. While researching for our trip, I had bumped upon this place unexpectedly and had spent some time reading about it. I was quite fascinated by its past (you can read about that on Wiki here) and was even more excited when I found that you could actually stay there. I decided to book the place for our stay in Penang. But one look at the tariff per night and I quickly came back to reality. But I wanted to see the place up close.

The Blue Mansion, George Town, Penang

The Blue Mansion, George Town, Penang

What could I do?… continue reading