Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands – In Pictures

After months of thinking to write about our honeymoon trip to the Andaman Islands I finally got over my laziness and decided to take it up. I figured it’s going to be a longish post so why not share a bit of Andamans, more of the Havelock island actually, in pictures before I actually start  the writing bit 😉 .

I will be posting some of the photos in two sets and then, a detailed log will follow with some useful information that I hope, would be helpful for those planning to visit the Andamans.

Till then, let’s start with some of the photos!

carbyn's cove beach photo

Carbyn’s Cove beach

Water-scooter carbyn's cove beach andaman nicobar islands

Water-scooter at Carbyn’s Cove

carby's cove andaman & nicobar islands

Sun-beds and the beach

Port-Blair runway as seen from Jogger's Park

Port-Blair runway as seen from Jogger’s Park

wandoor beach andamans

The Wandoor beach

cellular jail port blair kalapaani

The Cellular Jail

cellular jail port-blair andamans

The Cellular Jail

kalapathar beach havelock beach

Kalapathar Beach – Havelock

radhanagar beach havelock anadaman photo

Radhanagar beach – Havelock

Cheers!!… continue reading