At the North-east Food Festival

The last weekend, Saturday to be specific, had been a wonderful one for the foodie in me. Not that the previous one with all the Goan food and brew was any bad but when it comes to food from my home-state, actually the entire north-east India, nothing else can beat that. It so happened that I came to know about the North-east Food Festival taking place not far from my home. This got the foodie in me excited and I instantly decided to pay it a visit. The food-fest was supposed to begin at 3 in the afternoon and continue up-to 10 PM so I decided to go aramse (at leisure) which in the hindsight, turned out not to be a great idea.

People crowding the Manipur stall - North-east Food festival Bangalore

People crowding the Manipur stall – North-east Food fest, Bangalore

I reached the location of the fest, the Holy Ghost Church at Richards Town at about 6 in the evening to find the place already crowded.… continue reading