ASUS IndiBlogger Meet 2015 – Bangalore Edition

Just few hours back I returned from my first IndiBlogger meet organized by ASUS and I must say, it was a wonderful experience meeting fellow bloggers.

Even though the meet was about to start at 5.30 PM, I managed to reach the venue only by 6 PM, thanks to the omni-present Bangalore traffic.

The good part though was that, the meet had not started yet and the IndiBlogger guys were just wrapping up the registrations. By the time I settled in, the meet formally started and what better way to start anything like this than starting it with some music.

Everybody settled-in
indiblogger meet 2015

Couple of head-banging sessions later, began the ice-breaking session, in a very interesting way. Done as a task, everyone was asked to collect some personal item from others present there.… continue reading