Day 2 (contd.): Wagah Border beating Re-treat Ceremony

They say, ‘A trip to Amritsar is incomplete if you miss the daily beating Retreat Ceremony at the Joint Check Post‘!

One of the two must-visit places when in Amritsar on my this trip was the Wagah border’s evening retreat ceremony!

I very well knew that in order to get a good seat, I have to reach there by ~3.30PM but that was not to happen and I could only reach there by 5.30PM, roughly 40-45 minutes before starting of the parade.

A couple of kms from the parking and you start to see the crowd increasing making it look like a ‘mela‘ by the time you reach the govt. parking area!

People from all walks of life, kids, adults and old, man and women. From different parts of the country and beyond come here to witness this perfectly co-ordinated ritual performed by BSF Jawans in ceremonial uniforms from India side and equally fierce Pak Rangers from the Pakistan side.… continue reading