First BCMT Bangalore Meet of 2015

It had been a while since we had out last BCMT meet here in Bangalore. In this period, the Delhi guys already had met a handful of times, which naturally made me jealous about all the fun they were having, meet after x-( .We also wanted to have our meet again, soon.

Last time (our first meet actually), we had met for a sunday brunch in a restaurant with a decent number of people showing up. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it and we had decided to meet again soon.

After that meet, Mainak da ( had been proposing the next meet at his place which finally happened today.

Even though the head-count was bit low this time around but it was a fun meet nonetheless.

Being away from the madness of the city is always a pleasure and given the fact that Mainak da’s home was away from the madness  of the city, made it even better.… continue reading