Hues of dusk – Nandi hills

There will be hardly anyone who has lived in Bangalore for more than a few months and has not paid at-least one visit to the famous Nandi hill, the most-visited place in and around the garden-city. So much so that it has actually become a cliché now. I myself have visited nandi hill more than a couple of times over the five years or so I have been living here but the reason for my visits has been slightly different from that of others who visit it, at-least most of them.

nandi hills fort gate

The entry gate of the fort

Reason behind my visits to this hill-fort, in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka has always been the ride involved to reach there.

nandi hill road

Straight smooth roads

Be it a pre-dawn ride in the dark with the cool breeze blowing on your face, making the ride even more pleasant or be it a ride during a bright and sunny day, allowing you to see the greenery spread on both sides of the twisting road as you ascend to the top, the ride has always been very relaxing for me, every time.… continue reading