What is the best time to visit north east India?

I have been asked about the ‘best season’ to visit the north-eastern states of India or the north-east as it is referred, more than once and every time my answer have been slightly different from the previous one.

The reason being, even after being born, brought-up and lived there for over two decades of my life, I could not figure out which is the season during which the north-east was at its best.

foggy day meghalaya

Foggy NH 44 – Near Umkiang

This part of the country is very diverse in itself and there is always something wonderful to experience, feel and see all round the year, in each and every season.

It all depends on what you actually want to see or experience in your visit to the ‘north-east’.

north cachar hills quarters

Govt. quarters in Langting

Do you want to escape from the summers of the plains or do you want to experience the chilly mornings of the snowy winters here, or is it the greenery and gushing waterfalls here that interests you?… continue reading