Choosing the Right Trek Agency

If you are one of those wonderful people who have been following my blog regularly, you must have noticed that I always travel on my own and have almost never traveled with any travel agency. That is because I always enjoy doing the planning and preparation for every trip I go on myself. Be it the bare minimum and haphazard research that I do before my trips, be it finding the best deals on flight and accommodation or be it hunting for eateries that serve the most delicious of food. To me, all this is as much fun as the actual travel is and I never delegate these things to someone else. But when the trip is a trek, things change.

Choosing the right trek agency himalayas

Choosing the right trek agency

As much as I wanted do the trek to the Hampta Pass me and Ruchi did last year, the sensible thing to do was to join one of the groups going on the said trek by registering with a Trek Agency.… continue reading