Gopalaswamy Hills in monsoons

The first showers of monsoons had just fallen and I was already itching to be in the lush green hills. This itch ultimately took me to the Gopalaswamy hills on a weekend, a place which I had heard is beautifully green and well-vegetated but with real bad roads leading to the top. The bad-road part was not a dampener for me, in fact it actually made the biker inside me happy, hills and some off-roading is always great fun as long as you don’t have to off-road for hours and hours.

GS Betta

GS Betta – Right ahead

Plus, it will also be a test for the KTM which had not been on bad roads yet. Because Goapalaswamy betta (GS Betta/hill) was very near to the Bandipur Tiger reserve, I decided to club a Jungle-safari as well (another post about it coming up soon read here) with this trip.… continue reading