Hampta Pass Trek-Day 3, Balu ka Gera to Sia Goru

After a satisfying sleep last night I was in no mood to get out of the sleeping bag. I ignored the first couple of Kama’s whistles but then finally dragged my lazy self outside. After-all, today was the toughest day of the trek and missing the morning exercise would have definitely meant trouble in the steep ascent ahead. Not that anyone of us were ‘allowed’ to skip the morning exercise anyway!

Snow-capped peaks as seen from the camp at Balu ka Gera, Hampta Pass Trekking

Snow-capped peaks as seen from the camp at Balu ka Gera, Hampta Pass Trekking

After some jumping, twisting and stretching the team started feeling much more active and after steaming hot cups followed by break-fast, people in the team started getting for the exciting day ahead. If all goes well, today we will be crossing the Hampta Pass!

In the meantime I hiked up to a near-by rock and away from our camping area which because of being surrounded by high mountains on three sides, was not expected to see any sunshine before it was well past day-break.… continue reading

Hampta Pass Trek-Day 2, Chikka to Balu ka Gera

After sleeping like a dog last night (Hampta Pass Trek-Day 1, Jobra to Chikka), our guide Kama’s morning-whistle woke me up to a beautiful morning. Ruchi however could not have a good enough sleep in the sleeping bag and woke-up with a mild back-pain. Thankfully it was short-lived and all was well after a quick round of bed-tea (read in-tent-tea 😉 ) . I hardly drink tea but this was special. Why?

Okay, imagine this: you are inside your warm sleeping-bags in your tent sitting with a steaming cup of tea, listening to the sound of the roaring river flowing down the valley, to the numerous other streams all around your camp while looking at this majestic view.

View from our tent Balu ka Gera-Hampta Pass Trekking

View from our tent, Chikka – Hampta Pass Trekking

This is exactly what we woke-up to!… continue reading