Why will I stay at a backpackers hostel again

During my last trip to Goa I had decided to stay in a backpacker’s hostel instead of a hotel and I have come back with some wonderful experiences, few of which I will be sharing here. But before that, let me confess why I opted for a hostel over a hotel.

The main reason was because I was travelling alone this time and was on a budget, I needed a cheap but descent place to stay. My experience with budget hotels had never been great so a hostel seemed to be the only option for me. This however was not the only reason. I also wanted to meet other like-minded people from various places who unlike most of the Indian travellers, travel for experiencing cultures and places.

The Red Door Hostel - Anjuna, Goa

The Red Door Hostel – Anjuna, Goa

After some quick research I booked myself at the Red Door Hostel at Anjuna for a couple of nights.… continue reading