The woes of Applying For a Passport in India

When I applied for my passport almost a decade back, the whole experience had left me exhausted. I had finally managed to secure my passport after submitting a bunch of documents which looked more like a book and less like a set of documents and after making couple of over-night journeys from my home-town Silchar to Guwahati. Back then, the Guwahati Regional Passport Office was the only passport office catering to the entire north-east.


Indian Passport (PC: Y-Axis)

Fast forward to 2015. Encouraged by the now much simplified process of passport application, Ruchi decided to apply for her passport. The fact that most of the steps involved applying for passport in India has now gone online only encouraged us even more to go ahead with it.

All this was much in contrast to what I had to go though when I had applied for mine. … continue reading