Packing for your first Himalayan trek

As part of the preparation (about which I have already written here) there were other aspects too which had to be taken care of before we actually head out to the mountains. After some basic research, tips from other people who have been active trekkers and the guys at my trekking agency, I was able to compile a list of all the things which we were supposed to carry on the trek. Let me share the same list here albeit, in a much more structured way (I bet you would not like it if I share it the way I used it).

Meadows - Hampta pass trek

Meadows – Hampta pass trek

Let’s talk food! 

No you don’t have to carry all your food items (as that is your trek agency’s job) but as you will have to walk for long hours during the day time, you will need a constant supply of energy.… continue reading

Preparing for your first Himalayan trek

“I have been to the Himalayas before and another trip to the inner Himalayas should not be much different in terms of ‘preparation’, so what if this time it is a trek and not a ride or drive!” 

Me being the lazy-ass that I am, this is what I wanted to believe. I did not want to take the pain of doing the ‘preparation for a Himalayan trek’ thing, nothing more than packing my backpack. But then, a trek is not a ride or drive where you sit idle and the horses below you take you places you want to go, without you having to do much (if any) work.

hampta pass trekking photo

Trekking through uneven terrain – Hampta Pass

In a trek, the only thing that carry you forward are your legs and for them to be able to do that, you need to prepare them!… continue reading