Yet another action-packed IndiMeet

IndiMeets to me has always been all about meeting amazing like-minded people for me. Every meet for me has been a new experience in one way or the other. I have met (and become friends with) fellow bloggers so the one that was this weekend was no different either. What was a little different this time however was the fact that unlike other IndiMeets (of-course except the Fun in Goa with the all new Tiago) which are generally held within closed doors, this was an outdoor meet, one that was in a luxurious resort located away from the cacophony of the city.

MangoMist Resort Bangalore

Venue of the meet, MangoMist Resort Bangalore

The only tough part for me about this meet was getting – up early on a Saturday morning. Having said that, I very well was aware of the fact that the pain was worth it.… continue reading