Day 6: Kargil to Leh (214kms)

Woke up to a bright and beautiful morning at about. Our room being on the terrace, gave a wonderful view of the valley below. Destination today was LEH. Finally I was going to ‘be’ there, this realization in itself was enough to make me wrap up the daily rituals quickly and get back on the saddle. At about 8, we all were at the tea stall just below the Guest House, where we had parked our bikes. As we were having wonderful lemon tea, I saw an Yamaha parked which was broken from all over. On a closer look, I found a map that was stuck in his carrier according to which, this guy have started riding all the way from Switzerland and have entered India from Afganistan and Pakistan. Some 80 thousand kilomertes till that time.… continue reading

Ladakh On Bike – A Dream Come True

At times, it seems it was just yesterday when I decided to ride to Ladakh, across the Mighty Himalayas, on two wheels and now when I look back, I see, its been close to three long years during which, a lot have changed in my life.

When I think about this dream of mine, the one of riding to Ladakh on a bike, I see the resolve has not changed at all. Each day of these past 3 years have been used to prepare for this dream, in whatever small way it might have been.

Somewhere in the Moreh Plains, Ladakh

Somewhere in the Moreh Plains, Ladakh

Today, after these 3 long years, as I type this, I am hours away from that Moment when I actually go and Live my dream, the dream that have been very much alive all these months and years.… continue reading

A step closer to heaven!!

Even though the MX-3, the DSLR and the Nero , all were purchased as part of the bigger plan [read bike ride to Ladakh], nothing ONLY FOR IT was done until yesterday. Almost 3 years since I started dreaming about the moment when I will embark on the journey to live my dream and here I was, taking the first step towards living it.

khardungla pass

Living a dream

After a very anxious 30 days or so of trying to finalize the dates, I finally managed to do it and then, before anything else can again try to screw that up, I BOOKED the tickets for the journey.

Wanted to reach directly to anywhere close to Amritsar but was left with no other option than Delhi because of non-availability of direct trains from here, so, here I was, with a seat booked on my name on the Bangalore-Delhi Rajdhani Express.… continue reading