Puliyogare at Melukote

After being stuck in the weekend traffic for quite a while, we finally took the much awaited ‘right turn’ from the chaotic Bangalore-Mysore road and towards Melukote. Couple of minutes more on narrow chaotic roads and finally we were welcomed by almost empty and beautiful country road, snaking its way forward with green canopies hanging from the sides of it.

Apart from the occasional tractor-full people or entire families on two-wheelers zipping by, we had the entire road to ourselves.

road to melukote

Beautiful country roads

Melukote, built on rocky hills known as Yadugiri, Yaadavagiri and Yadushailadweepa, overlooking the Cauvery valley is one of the sacred places in Karnataka. As you might have guessed already (if you had read some my previous posts like The Celebration of Chhath Puja), I was not going there for the religious or spiritual significance which is attached to it rather my reason for the visit apart from getting back on the road was to get some decent shots of the age-old architectures there.… continue reading