The Stage of electrifying Patriotism – Wagah

I feel my heart beat faster with every step I take on this last stretch of the road. No vehicles are allowed on this half-kilometer or so of the road leading to a security-check area and then to the border-gate. I had been dreaming of being here since quite some time now and now that I am here, I am finding it tough to control my excitement, quite literally. The sticky and humid August afternoon suddenly doesn’t feel bothersome any-more. Pushing myself through the sea of people I somehow make it to the security gate. I can still feel my heart throbbing under my dripping-wet Tee but I don’t care. My eyes are fixated at what lay beyond.

So Near yet so far - Wagah Border, Punjab

So Near yet so far – Wagah Border, Punjab

I am at the border-gate between India and Pakistan, at what was once the village of Wagah.… continue reading