Scuba diving in Havelock

After I almost drowned about more than a decade ago (about which I have already written here: A New Life), I never went anywhere near any water-body. So much so that, there were many situations in the past decade where I should have been present but could not gather the courage to be, only because they somehow or the other, involved getting down in a water-body.

This fear had been with me since a long long time (not that its not there anymore, but not as much!!) when I finally decided to do something and get over it, one and for all.

Fast forward to year 2014.

scuba diving havelock andaman

Ruchi during the in-water training

As my marriage dates were being finalized, I was busy in finalizing our honeymoon destination. It was decided the destination has to be a beach destination (more on this here Honeymoon in Andaman & Nicobar Islands) and that’s when I saw an opportunity to get over my fear of water!!… continue reading