Photo story – Shedd Aquarium

After the architectural boat tour on last weekend, I had planned to visit the downtown area once again this weekend. The plan this time was to visit the John G. Shedd Aquarium and then, roam around the downtown area for sometime before heading back. To be very honest, I did not think I will enjoy visiting an ‘aquarium’, it sounded quite boring to me but thought of giving it a try anyway.

shedd aquarium chicago

Entrance of the aquarim

If I don’t like it, I would leave it early and would explore the downtown area bit more. With this in mind, I caught the 8.30 AM Metra and in about an hour, I was at the Union Station. Headed straight to the Shedd aquarium thinking it being a weekend, the que for the tickets might be long.… continue reading

Chicago architectural boat tour

After a week’s worth of work the weekend was a very welcome break which had to be put to good use which it was. Living in the suburbs has its own charm with not much of a traffic to worry about and a lot of greenery all around, the glimpse of which I had shared in my previous post In an around Chicago but there’s nothing much to ‘do’ in the suburbs apart from lazing around and so, for the weekend, I decided to visit downtown Chicago.

Navy Pier blog

Navy Pier

Now, there’s so much to see in the downtown area and its impossible to do it all in a day or two. So after checking the options I had for the weekend, I decided to experience the famous architectural boat tour at Navy Pier.… continue reading