Bangalore to Shivasamudram On Bike

The past few months had been very hectic for me and I was feeling very stressed. I knew I needed to freshen-up and what better way to do it than hitting the highway, on two wheels!

Because I was going on a ride after quite some time, I decided to keep it a short one and hence, decided to visited the twin waterfalls at Shivasamudram, the Gaganchukki falls & Bharachukki falls which are not very far from Bangalore.Also, being the monsoon season, it made more sense to visit it a waterfall or waterfalls for that matter!

As it was just approximately 140 kms from Bangalore so, I was in no hurry and left home only about 8 am in the morning.

NICE road bangalore

The NICE Road

Getting out of the city’s mess was the biggest pain and it took me at-least more than half an hour to get on the highway, if not more.… continue reading