The Silchar to Lumding train line

Almost each and every part of India is now connected by train, more so are the major towns in every state. However, there are towns and cities in the North East which does not have this luxury, not as yet!

There are routes which still operate the Meter Gauge (wiki) trains in the north-east and one such route is the Lumding – Silchar route.

lumding silchar train

Chugging along

This route is one of the many marvels of the british construction that came up during their rule.

The track came up during the late 1800 with the primary purpose of transporting tea from the tea gardens of south Assam to mainland India.

Railway tunnel lumding silchar train

One of the many tunnels

The 247 kms long track which winds through the Dima Hasao district has more than 30 tunnels.… continue reading