Solo – A first for me

Except for our Honey Moon trip to Andamans last year there had hardly been any trip of our’s (or mine) which had been fully ‘planned’. Actually, even the Andaman trip had a lot of things left un-planned. To tell you the truth, I have always enjoyed the certain level of uncertainty that comes when few things in a trip are left un-planned. I have hardly traveled anywhere alone and this is what I have been trying do since quite some time now. Also, I have been thinking of doing a trip which would be totally un-planned. Over the time, this wish of mine has grown stronger and stronger until yesterday when I finally booked tickets for my first solo back-packing trip and with no plan whatsoever.

Train through the country side Bangalore to Goa

Train through the country-side, Bangalore to Goa

With four days and five nights, the plan was to go somewhere nearby to  explore the place and let loose the amateur photographer inside me.… continue reading