Day 4: Ramban to Srinagar (129kms)

The destination for today was very close but still we did not start very late. By 7.30 AM, we were on the awesome roads and with cool weather and mild fog around, it was a pleasure to ride. To add to it, the sight of Chenab flowing side by side.

The road, as soon as it leaves Ramban, becomes a mix of ‘good’ & ‘ok’ and at some places, becomes ‘bad’. As we moved on, the more & more beautiful vistas came up for us to enjoy :).

One thing I noticed was, there was quite a bit of Army presence for the next 20-30kms from just outside Ramban and even the traffic movement was being managed by them. Every 100mts., there would be a group of 3-4 armed jawans walking with a red flag and communicating via wireless.… continue reading