Day 5: Srinagar to Kargil (204kms)

The day started with somebody knocking at the door hard on the door. I was still in bed and Subhadeep was up and almost operational :). He opens the door and the reception guy with two fully Armoured Army Jawans comes in.

Kahan se aaye ho…. kyun aaye ho… kahan jaana hai…. ID dikhao (where from have you come….why have you come….where are you going….show your ID cards)!! was what followed. Once satisfied, they left and we got along with our daily duties :).

The destination for Today, Kargil, was quite far and given the fact that we have to cross Zoji – La, I was bit concerned if not worried. I didnot want to cross Zoji la after dark. But before that, we had some work to be done. We thought of replacing the hand brake lever and a couple of small things before we moved ahead.… continue reading