Reality of The Tea-Gardens of South Assam

The things that come in the mind when we talk about Assam are the vast tea-plantations, spread through acres and acres of inclines on the numerous teelas that are so common in this part of the country. The green carpet that flows smoothly from one teela to another with snaking narrow roads passing though them. Primarily grown in the region which known as Upper Assamthe tea has been the identity of the state since a long long time. More so because all the big brands of the tea-industry grow, process and sell (and export) their variants of assam tea from this region. The Southern part of Assam hardly has any big brand to boast of. That however does not mean that there are no tea-gardens there.

Tea-plantations in Silchar

Tea-plantations in Silchar, Assam

Tea bushes thrive under hot and humid climate and the southern part of Assam, just like upper – Assam, provides just that.… continue reading