The good and bad of Travel Photography

I have always wanted to share my travel stories soon after I return from any trip, within weeks if not days. It’s always fun to share memories when everything is fresh in the mind. However, I have hardly been able to do so and the reason almost always, has been the photos. I take a lot of photos during my travels so once back, sorting the good ones from the not so good ones becomes a task. This task takes even more effort and time in my case because I shoot RAW. I used to shoot in jpeg during my initial days with my DSLR but soon learned about the levels of flexibility and control that comes with shooting RAW and fell for it. No regrets here.

The Elephants Falls in Shillong

The Elephants Falls in Shillong – Shot in RAW

Even though I hardly harness half or may be even less than that, of what can be achieved by shooting RAW, I like the granular control I get over almost all aspect of the photos and the final result much more as compared to automatically created JPEGs by the camera.… continue reading