Five Places To Visit This December

It’s December again. A perfect time to plan the last holiday of the year. I have already been asked by more than a handful of friends and acquaintances to suggest them places to visit in December. Too bad I don’t have any more leaves left for this year which means I can’t take any long breaks myself, at-least not until we step into the next year. So I try to find solace in helping others with their plans. Depending on whom I was suggesting, my suggestions ranged from warm beaches to extremely cold places. Of these suggestions, let me share few places which I feel should be visited this month.

Sunset at Diu

Sunset at Diu – Source

Diu: Diu with its the pristine beaches, the sunshine, the sea-food and its cheap booze, is a great place to just laze around and see the year drift away. … continue reading