5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a DSLR Camera

We are living in exciting times. The sort of technologies we now take for granted would have been unimaginable a decade or so ago. While it is great that this constant ‘technological advancement’ has definitely made our lives easier, it has over time, also changed the way we purchase things. Nowadays, we tend to buy a lot of stuff we don’t actually need and the Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) is one of them.

Friends and colleagues have asked me more than once if they should buy a DSLR camera. Reason: it takes good photos!! I have answered this a significant number of time. I still get asked the same. Hence this post.

nikon d3100 tokina 11-16 dx II

My Trusted Nikon

1. DSLRs don’t take photosContrary to what many people think, just buying a costly DSLR does not entitle you to great photos you can drool over.… continue reading