About Me

Social media addict.
Freelance IT Consultant.
A lazy writer.
…a little bit of photography

‘A techie turned travel blogger from Assam who now also runs North East Explorers, a travel eco start-up through which he tries to show the unique beauty and culture of North East India to the world outside.’

That’s me in short.

I love to be on the road, most of the time the ones that lead to the mountains.

I also have been into coding since my early days and have been called a nerd a handsome number of times. I still enjoy the coding bit and so now, I work as a freelance web consultant. And I am enjoying doing multiple things much more than I used to when I was an employee (for close to a decade!!)in India and abroad and primarily got to do only one thing.

When not in the mountains or not writing code, you can find me in some remote corner of North East India eating weird things and gulping the local brew with the locals.

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to drop me an email here. You can also visit my work website here.

Based in India, I have worked for people & businesses located in different parts of the world, meeting their unique and challenging expectations and helped them in marking their presence online,have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and continue to do so!