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Inner Line Permit (ILP) For Assam

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A temporary ILP-like arrangement will soon be implemented by the Assam government, said the state health minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma. The process will be in place to impose restrictions and keep track of people who are expected to return in large numbers after the country-wide lockdown is supposed to end on 14th April.

Unlike the Arunachal Pradesh ILP or ILP for Manipur among others, which is required for all outsiders who wish to visit the states, the Assam ILP arrangement will be for everyone who enters Assam after the lockdown ends. Even for the permanent residents of Assam.

Once the lockdown that is currently in place in order to restrict the spread of COVID-2019, ends and people start coming back to their homes in Assam, it becomes crucial to keep track of everybody who enters the state for the next few weeks, should any of them shows symptoms of the disease and needs to be isolated. With thousands of people coming in the state using various modes of transport, it is crucial a system exists to record the inflow.

How to apply Assam ILP Online?

It has been said that this process of the ILP-like arrangement to enter will be completely online. A website in this regard will soon be launched by the government. Once that happens, I will update this blogpost accordingly.

In my personal opinion, it is indeed a good decision to enforce some form of measure to keep track of everybody who returns home from various parts of the country. More so, when there have been multiple instances of irresponsible behavior in different parts of the country, with regards to either home-quarantine or reporting themselves to the health authorities after coming in contact with infected persons or after visiting places where positive cases of COVID-19 have been found.

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