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Manipur Inner Line Permit (ILP) Guide For Tourists

Manipur Inner Line Permit

After years of demanding it, the state of Manipur finally has come under the ILP regime. Much to the joy of the people of Manipur. But what would it mean when it comes to traveling to Manipur for any Indian who is not from the state? To be frank, it has already been more than …

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Why walking the Ima Keithel (Mother’s Market) is one of the best things to do in Manipur?

ima market imphal

One of the must-do things in Imphal is a visit to the Mother’s market, also known as the Ima Keithel. Ima keithel is a 500-year old all women’s market in Imphal, Manipur. Everything in this market is done by women. The men are welcome here only as customers. On the second day of my trip …

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On The Waters of Loktak – The Jewel of Manipur

loktak lake manipur moirang

Rant Alert. Skip to story? I had planned to write a round-up post of 2017, something like this one before the previous year ended and then by the end of January, I had planned to have written at least a handful of travel storiesĀ here on the blog. The reality, however, turned out to be completely …

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Sangai Run – The Curtain Raiser Of Sangai Festival 2017

I had planned and then postponedĀ a trip to Manipur more than once, in the past few months which was kind of frustrating. Now looking back, I realize, the postponements were actually a blessing in disguise. After I planned my Manipur trip the third time, I found that the dates almost coincided with the Manipur Sangai …

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