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Weekend Drive To Bhuban Pahar and Around

Thanks to the lockdown, a bunch of us, childhood friends have been getting frequent chances to go out and explore the surroundings. While most of our trips in the past weeks and months have essentially been aimless wanderings, once in a while, we also have some destination in mind. At least vaguely.

Just like we had one yesterday. The plan was to start early from home in Silchar, drive through some of the most beautiful countrysides of this region and finally hike to the famous Bhuban Pahar.

While countryside views, as expected, were gorgeous with lush-green paddy fields swaying in the afternoon breeze, we did not stop much to take pictures and rather enjoyed our drive. The few we took, look like this.

Countryside views off Silchar
Countryside views off Silchar

I have mentioned more than once in my previous posts and elsewhere, monsoons in North East India are one of my most favorite seasons. And I see no reason why that fact is going to change ever.

We drove through some of the greenest patches, full of life and swaying joyfully, as we drove towards our destination.

bhuban pahad silchar distance
The clouds and the pahad

While on the drive, the cooling breeze kept us company almost throughout, and then, just to add to the already great setting, fate decided to give us a small treat. In no time, we were looking at, not one but two bright and beautiful rainbows <3 .

Two rainbows North East india
Rainbows, not one but two

Soon we were at the end of the road from where one needs to hike up to the Shiva temple located up the hill. The temple draws devotees from far and wide, every Shivratri but we had no plans to go to the temple. We left the car at the last Khasi village on the trail started walking up. It was a beautiful trail to say the least.

Into the deep jungles
The Trail to the top

And as embarrassing as it might sound, I had never visited this part of my region before. In fact, I even had absolutely no idea that such deep forests exit this near to Silchar!

Bhuban pahar Trekking
Happy Faces

We soon reached the waterfall that sits just a couple of minutes’ hike from where the protected area begins. Even though there was not much water in the waterfall, we were truly delighted to be deep inside an almost virgin jungle.

The sounds and sights of the deep forest were very rejuvenating, to say the least!

Since it was super humid yesterday, we dropped our plan to hike the entire trail and chose to relax by the small waterfall instead and cool ourselves for some time.

Bhuban pahar waterfall
At The Small Waterfall on the trail to the top

On our way back too, the views did not disappoint us. We witnessed some of the most gorgeous sunsets of the season.

The end of this trip couldn’t have had a better set of colors.

Golden Sunsets Silchar
Golden Sunsets on our way back

Until, the next trip, soon again.

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  1. Good story, Rajiv. It flows well, and your photos have drama. We are in Sorrento right now, starting a tour of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. I hope your family is well. Blaine

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