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Ladakh Inner Line Permits Reintroduced

While tourism departments of various states are doing away with or simplifying their process to obtain Inner Line Permits, the LAHDC (Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council) has decided to go one step back. Instead of ‘opening up’ new destinations to visitors, they have decided to go back to the pre-2014 days and have introduced ILP …

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Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) Guide

Acute Mountain Sickness Guide

Acute Mountain Sickness Guide – All You Need To Know In my previous post about how to prepare for Ladakh, I talked about how Ladakh was one of the most extreme places and the things you should know before visiting Ladakh. I had also mentioned that of all the ‘dangers’ that pose a threat to …

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Must know things before you visit Ladakh

Ladakh is a land of many extremes. The cold there can freeze you to death and you run the risk of suffering a sun-stroke as well. An old Ladakhi saying perfectly sums up Ladakh in one line, “The Land is so barren and the passes so high that only our fiercest enemies or Our best friends would …

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Which is the best bike for Ladakh Trip?


Ever since I came back from my maiden ride to Ladakh on a motorcycle a little more than three years back, I have been asked many times by friends, friends of friends and many others about a lot of different aspects about visiting Ladakh. What to see..where to go… how to go etc but if there has been one …

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Ladakh in 10 images: A Flashback

Even though the travel bug bit me a tad bit late, I have travelled my share of places in India in the past few years. Places some of which amazed me, some didn’t. Some I liked so much more while others did not impress me enough to remember much about them after a short while. Out of all the trips I …

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