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Bangalore To Shravanabelagola Weekend Trip

The rock-cut steps, hot from the summer afternoon sun, literally burned my feet as I hurried towards the couple of steps a little up ahead which looked cool, thanks to a temple next to them. I was not even halfway through the 614 steps. Heck, I hadn’t even crossed 50 steps and I was already …

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Walking The Streets of Pondicherry

Unplanned trips are fun, they always have been. And they still continue to be so. This trip too, to what was once a French colonial settlement in India, was no different. One summer morning as I found myself riding towards this little town on the East Coast of India, from Bangalore to Pondicherry. A thousand …

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Adventure Chikmagalur India Karnataka Motorcycle Touring South

Colors of Monsoon in Chikmagalur

Monsoons are beautiful, especially in the western ghats. There are no second thoughts about it. The entire region looks as refreshingly green as it can, thanks to the monsoon showers that wash – off every single strand of dust leaf small or big. So a ride somewhere in the western ghats was inevitable and ‘Where’ was not …

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Andhra Pradesh Countries India Motorcycle Touring South Travel

Lepakshi – An Architectural Marvel

An imposing structure of Nandi – the bull of Shiva welcoming visitors, a stone-pillar that hangs above the floor of an age-old stone-temple and sculptures of Hindu Gods carved out of single stones are few of the things among many that make the small village of Lepakshi special. The place is of great religious and mythological significance I had learnt and seeing …

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Assam Countries India Motorcycle Touring North east Travel

Through the Borail Hills

Even though I had spent the first twenty-two years of my life not far from the laps of the Borail Hills which overlook the Barak Valley, I had never had a chance to visit them up close. The reasons were many. From trivial ones like really bad roads to the serious ones like having to cross militant-infested areas. …

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