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Meeting The Last Surviving Headhunters of Nagaland at Longwa

nagaland hornbill festival

It was pitch dark when we finally reached the faraway village of Longwa, in remote Mon district of Nagaland. Ours was the only vehicle that was there at that time, heading towards the India – Myanmar border that evening. Some 50 kms back we had taken a left just outside Mon, the last town in …

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Trip To Hornbill Festival – Best Time To Visit Nagaland

hornbill festival 2018 nagaland

When in the Naga hills, the evenings are nippy and the night skies are clear, and life is usual and quite, something exciting also goes on nearby. Something which happens only once a year and brings people from all over India and beyond. Nagaland state’s annual tourism festival is by far the biggest tourism festival …

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Nagaland Inner Line Permit Guide

nagaland inner line permit guide

While applying for Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Arunachal Pradesh, I had also applied for Nagaland Inner Line Permit as I wanted to visit Mon and Longwa and a little beyond that, during the Aaoling festival before heading to Basar for the Mopin festival this year (more on the festivals festival later). While I had wanted to apply the Arunachal Pradesh …

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