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Nagaland Inner Line Permit Guide

nagaland inner line permit guide

While applying for Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Arunachal Pradesh, I had also applied for Nagaland Inner Line Permit as I wanted to visit Mon and Longwa and a little beyond that, during the Aaoling festival before heading to Basar for the Mopin festival this year (more on the festivals festival later). While I had wanted to apply the Arunachal Pradesh ILP offline because my travel plan in the state involved inter-district travel, for Nagaland I had planned to apply the ILP online as my plan here was pretty straightforward. But that was not to be.

How To Get Inner Line Permit For Nagaland and Types of Inner Line Permits for Nagaland

For easier segregation of the people visiting the state, the government of Nagaland issues Inner Line different categories. Here, however, I will only be talking here about my experience in getting Nagaland ILP for tourists. I have also shared details about how to apply inner line permit for Mizoram, in case you are interested.

Documents required for Nagaland ILP

  • Any govt. issued photo identity card (Voter Id card, Pan Card, Driving License, etc.) –  1 copy.
  • A passport photo with a white background. – 2 copies.

What is the fee for Nagaland ILP?

  • The application fee for Nagaland Inner Line Permit, if you apply at the Nagaland House Guwahati, is Rs. 50/-.

How long does it take to get the ILP?

  • It takes one working day to get the permit in your hands. The permit application must be submitted before 12 PM.
  • The Nagaland House located at 6th mile on the GS Road, Guwahati, which issues the permit remains open on 1st and 3rd Saturdays.

Nagaland Online ILP vs Nagaland Offline ILP

Like I have mentioned above, I had applied my ILP online. However, even after two days, there was no update on my application so I decided to call the Nagaland house only to find out that the Guwahati office does not process online applications. After this, I finally applied offline.

If you don’t want to do all this yourself and just want to worry about how you are going to enjoy your trip to Nagaland, just drop a note here.

Got any questions about ILP for Nagaland? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below.


[Update: March 2020]

As of now, the issuing of all Nagaland Inner Line Permit for tourists has been stopped until further notice. This is due to the COVID-2019 outbreak.

35 thoughts on “Nagaland Inner Line Permit Guide”

  1. Out of all the permits I had to get to explore North East Nagaland Inner Line permit was the easiest and the most ‘no fuss’ one! I had a hard time with the Nathula Pass permit. You blog would be so helpful to so many people! 🙂

    1. There’s was the most ‘no frills’ procedure, yes. Too bad my plan had to be dropped at the last moment!

      I am so glad to know that you have been to Nagaland too. Where all have to been in the state?

      1. I had gone there back in 6th grade, had a relative staying in Tuli. Had visited Kohima Tuli and Mokokchung area and Dimapur and some tribal villages around the area – don’t remember the names anymore.

    1. I hope you make it soon 🙂

      In case you need any help sorting out the logistics, you can get in touch with for the same 🙂

  2. Need inner line permit from dimapur airport on 1st December to 6th December 2017. Especially for hornbill festival.

  3. I have planned to travel by bus from mizoram to Nagaland on 6 November. But have a query regarding the ilp. Where should i apply for ilp. is there any online application process or should i apply offline.

  4. Hi Rajiv!
    We are planning to travel to Manipur (Imphal) from Guwahati through Nagaland (Dimapur). We will be taking an ILP for Nagaland, but I read online that we need to take an ILP for Manipur also if we are entering through Nagaland. Is this true? If so, how do we get an ILP for Manipur?

    1. If you are already in Nagaland and are born and brought up there, you should not need an ILP. Otherwise, in all probability, you will, just like everyone else.

  5. I am visiting Nagaland and Manipur from 27th October to 2nd November, 2018. I spend only three hours at Guwahati on 27th. How can get my ILP for Nagaland. My online attempts were not fruitful.

  6. Rajivji we are arriving at dimapur railway station on the Date of 14 November moringm 10.45 am . how much time to get Ilp

  7. Hi, Is it possible to apply the ILP in Imphal or Dimapur , I will be going to Kohima for the hornbill festival and flying to Imphal instead of Guwahati.

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