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Ladakh in 10 images: A Flashback

Even though the travel bug bit me a tad bit late, I have travelled my share of places in India in the past few years. Places some of which amazed me, some didn’t. Some I liked so much more while others did not impress me enough to remember much about them after a short while.

Pangong tso ladakh
Vast mountains and the magical Pangong

Out of all the trips I have done till now, my maiden trip to Ladakh sits right on top of the list as the best and most enriching trip ever. It has been close to three years since I have been there and to put it very mildly, I can only say that I am yet to come back from Ladakh!

5 Best Photos of Ladakh

Now is that time of the year when snow in the high mountain passes melts, making way for people heading to the magical land of Ladakh and this is the time I miss Ladakh even more, want to go and get lost in its vastness and beauty, leaving behind the monotonous life I live. I know I am going there soon and for good but sadly, that is not happening this year. For now, let me share with you some glimpses which I captured in 2012, of this magical place called Ladakh.

ladakh mountain roads
The moon-land called Pang

Despite the fact that Ladakh is mostly gray and dry, the colors of Ladakh had never failed to amaze me.

lamayuru ladakh
A small patch of green between the dry terrain

Be it the refreshing greenery of the small hamlet nestled between dry and brown mountains on the slopes of which the National Highway snakes up and down, all the way to the capital city of Leh, be it the red-green-yellow-blue of the innumerable Buddhist prayer flags swaying in the wind, taking the prayers to heaven, up there somewhere far away from this mad and crazy world or be it the ever-changing colors of the Pangong.

Prayer flags at Khardung la top
Prayer flags at Khardung la top

The freshness in the air of the Himalayas, the clear blue sky and the simple and adorable people there made me fall in love with this place almost immediately.

ladakh village fog
Misty and magical

My first day in Ladakh had no agenda apart from getting our permits done which gave me an opportunity to explore Leh on foot and I am happy that I made good use of it. Tired and not wanting to go looking for accommodation after reaching Leh late in the evening, I checked-in at Rigzin guest house in Changspa. It was only the next morning after coming back from the DC office I realized how good a decision had I made, my guest-house was located very near to the Shanti stupa which I had been dreaming to see and photograph since quite some time, in fact it was just a 5 minutes walk away.

shanti stupa leh
The Shanti Stupa

The beauty of it is not the only wonderful thing about the Shanti Stupa. I realized this only when I was actually there. The calmness you feel when there is something which cannot be aptly put to words. Soaking in the beauty of the place, the colorful Leh gate on the other side of the city covered with tall green trees, the Leh palace to your left and Changspa on your right, I spent more than an hour there and only left after promising to myself to come again in the early hours (a promise which I could not keep 🙁 ).

Leh city from Shanti stupa photo
Leh city from Shanti Stupa

After an early start from Leh and a tiring journey across the very treacherous and mighty Chang-la the first view of Pangong, just by the entrance of the model village of Phobrang was very refreshing.

First glimse of Pangong Tso
First glimpse of Pangong Tso

Even though we were tempted to book the accommodation at the first village along Pangong, we made it to Khaltse and stayed there.


Because it was much less crowded and the views were very much worth the extra bumpy road we covered :).

10 best photos of Ladakh
Khaltse village

As the sun started hiding behind the mountains, the colours became more and more beautiful.

Have you dreamed of visiting Ladakh? Then there is a list of Leh Ladakh Tour Packages to choose from, pick the one that suits you best and head to the Land of Lamas.

sunset at pangon glake 3 idiots
Golden glow

Have you been to Ladakh? What did you like the most about it? Are you planning your first trip to the moon-land called Ladakh?

34 thoughts on “Ladakh in 10 images: A Flashback”

    1. Thank you Somali, glad that you like the pics. Ladakh is one of those places which LIVES in your heart forever and always afresh !

  1. I was in Ladakh in 2010…I don’t think I have left since then! The mystical Himalayan mountain range and landscape, and Ladakhi people took my breath away…Ever since I stepped foot in Ladakh, I understood what Indians meant about the beauty of Ladakh 🙂

    1. Can’t agree more Kat! Ladakh is one such magical place like no other. Actually, there is no place like the Himalayas, none that I know of at-least.

      I promise to show you more of the beautiful Himalayas soon, just keep an eye here 😉 .

  2. I have no aspirations to go anywhere, but perhaps someday may land to Ladakh… I thought the Himalayan ranges will be full of snow and all but as I read more… I find it barren like moon as you have mentioned… Perhapes I can put it into my bucket list, but I put only things I think I can do, one is tiger survey(:….this one is way too lets say a journey too far to actually dream about it… You know having the money and travelling is no fun…real travel is exploring and forgetting yourself and not living our reality for a while…. but unfortunately I reckon you need money to travel here and there, train, hotel, bus and lastly taxi… I guess it is mostly the priveledged kind who can travel, the others those who don’t have time, money have to be content travelling near cheaper options or not travelling a tall… I am speaking because really as I travel I see minimum 5000 to 10000 rupees goes…just 1 or 2 days… its a lot for most of India…anyway(: I never went abroad like an idiot because I thought it was costly but when I see others travelling abroad, am thinking if you have the money go ahead, it’s the experience that is worth more than the money you spend…we live in a matirial world…travel for most of us is a luxury, but once you travel, you realise you will work hard to get more money I guess(:

    anyway… Himalayan trek is there on my bucket list and that is because I think it is possible to do it, so maybe tommorow will explore a delightful place, Everest or Himalayas, still have few years of energy…maybe for another 5 years(: and every day if you really live then it is quite a long time…

    1. If you don’t have your own vehicle wit you in Ladakh, the going becomes a bit tough on the pocket I agree but you can always join hands with people who are also looking for a cheaper solution and share a cab with them. Many many people do that and you too can do that easily 🙂 .

      Ladakh is one place which you MUST visit and in a relaxed way. Good luck 🙂

    1. As I already said in the post, ‘no place like ladakh’!

      And why one day, why not today? September would be great, less tourists good roads and greenery 🙂

    1. Thanks Akanksha !

      Ladakh is undoubtedly so unique and hence so special to me. I am sure you will totally love it!

      The sooner you do it the better because the way things are going I am afraid Ladakh too will become another Shimla or Manali and the almost virgin beauty will be gone forever!

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