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Arunachal Pradesh Inner Line Permit Guide

how to apply arunachal pradesh inner line permit guide

Over the last couple of years, more and more Indian tourists have started coming to North East India, an incredibly beautiful part of the country. North East India has something for everyone, be it the adventure-loving and thrill-seeker traveler, be it someone who loves the monsoons and the clouds or be it the someone who wants to take everything slow and just laze around in the hills. However, visiting the north-eastern states, at least a few of them must be approved by the authorities.

One such state is Arunachal Pradesh. You must obtain an Inner Line Permit (or ILP) if you are an Indian and a Protected Area Permit (PAP) or Restricted Area Permit (RAP) if you are a foreigner.

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Arunachal Pradesh Inner Line Permit Guide – What is an Inner Line Permit or ILP?

As the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh puts it, “The Inner Line Permits are required by Indians other than natives of Arunachal Pradesh for entering into any place in Arunachal Pradesh. The ILPs are issued by the Issuing Authorities of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh with offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Tezpur, Guwahati, Shillong, Dibrugarh, Lakhimpur, and Jorhat.”

Arunachal Pradesh ILP is also available online apart from the offices listed above. This post is about how to apply Arunachal Pradesh ILP Online? So let’s start with the documents required.

What are the documents required to apply Arunachal Pradesh ILP?

  • Any govt. issued photo identity card (Voter Id card, Pan Card, Driving License, etc.)
  • A passport photo with a white background.
  • PAN Card is NOT accepted if you are applying offline. Document(s) on which your address is mentioned, are accepted.

What is the fee for Arunachal Pradesh ILP?

  • The fee, if you apply online is Rs. 100/- plus transaction charges. In total, I paid Rs.123/-. The fee, if you apply is Rs.25/- is what I have heard. Add to that, Rs.5/- for the application form.

How long does it take to get the Arunachal Pradesh ILP?

  • If you apply online, it takes around a day or so. There are three phases that the application goes through once you apply. First, the details provided by you are verified until when it remains under processing. If all is well, the application is approved and you can then pay and get your ILP immediately.
  • The offline ILP takes around four hours.
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Additional Information about Arunachal Pradesh ILP

  • If you are applying ILP for Arunachal Pradesh online, you can apply only one district per ILP you can now add multiple districts while applying and hence have to apply only one ILP even if you are crossing multiple districts. This doesn’t really make sense to me because that’s not the case if you are applying for the ILP offline.
  • If you are traveling from one district to another inside Arunachal Pradesh and are planning to apply for the ILP online, you have to mention the same in the online form for the online ILP. no other way but to get a separate ILP for each district. Trying your luck by applying for just one ILP might not be a good idea (in case you are thinking about it) because even though ILPs are not checked when you cross from one district to another, they are checked when you are exiting the state.
  • You also need to give a local reference while applying ILP online. Again, I don’t remember this requirement being there in an offline way. For a tourist who is visiting the state for the first time, this might be a problem. Mine got rejected the first time when I did not give a local reference while applying.
  • For local reference, while applying Arunachal Pradesh ILP, give the reference of someone back home.
  • If applying offline, be sure to be at the office (Guwahati) before 2 PM.
  • Online ILP for Arunachal Pradesh can be applied here.

Got any questions about ILP for Arunachal Pradesh? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below.


[Update: March 2020]

As of now, the issuing of all Arunachal Pradesh Inner Line Permit for tourists has been stopped until further notice. This is due to the COVID-2019 outbreak.

[Update: October 2020]

Govt. of Arunachal has resumed issuing ILPs to tourists.

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      1. Thank you so much for a lot of info about it. Could you also kindly tell me how to pay for the ILP if im applying online? I mean can i pay with my debit card or you need other means?

  1. Hi there,

    Isn’t there an on arrival ILP counter at Guwahati Airport.. is it possible to know the working hours for the same?

    Ill be landing at Guwahati on Saturday (6 May ’17)at about 8pm and if I have to wait at the airport until Monday 9am then it would be really depressing..

    Please let me know what alternatives are possible? is it possible to connect with some agent and get the ILP done in advance and have it collected once am in Guwahati?

    I have applied for online ILP but have no confidence whether ill get it on time..

    1. There is an on arrival ILP facility at the Guwahati airport and I don’t think the counter will be open at 8PM. Why don’t you apply for the ILP online?

      If that works for you, help of agent would not be needed.

      1. Does online ILP work without any references in AP? I am skeptical about the same..have applied online now waiting for the revert ..

        The skepticism was the reason behind looking for agents.. really dont want to spend 2-3 days waiting for ILP at Guwahati..

        Anything else that you could suggest? Do i have to call anyone after applying online? I could only find processing office as “Guwahati” and the phone numbers given at the official website doesnt seem to work..

        1. You can give reference of anyone at your hometown. Doesn’t have to be someone in Arunachal Pradesh. The numbers have never worked for me either. I had paid them a visit personally at their office once.

          1. Update: I had done the same mistake as you — not given reference as I thought they are looking for a local reference in Arunachal Pradesh..

            Have reapplied online and now record is in “Verified” status.. Hope it goes through

            Meanwhile can you throw some light on how long it takes to move from Verified to Approved status?

          2. Great! You should get it before the end of the day. Ideally it takes 4 hours but one working day is a safe bet.

          3. Hi Rajiv,

            Thanks for your help.. I got all my ILPs yesterday.

            Final Update (for the benefit of others in similar situation and reading this): I got my online ILP within 3 days of applying.

            Things to keep in mind in order to avoid delay:
            1) Against “Local Reference” mention the name of ANY reference. The reference need not be staying at Arunachal Pradesh…The term “local” is misleading since it draws us to think that it should be someone local to AP. I put my fathers name.

            2) Ensure that total number of days for which permit is applied isnt more than 15. Ideally the form should validate this but it doesn’t. Your application gets rejected if you enter > 15 Days

            Good luck!

        2. I spoke to the Dept.Of IT,Arunachal Pradesh over this matter. I was told that reference can be of any hotel address where you are planning to stay/booked. My application was rejected. So i had booked hotel and mentioned the same in reference column.

          1. Is the dept. of IT the right dept to talk to about this? I would think the tourism dept is. As far as I know, the local reference for Arunachal Pradesh Inner Line Permit can be of anyone at your home town.

    2. Is it nessary to metion any permanet resisdent of the state while applying for ILP?
      As I am a tourist and first time visiting ARUNACHAL then how can I apply?

  2. Hi Rajiv. I will be reaching Guwahati in Morning at around 10:30. Can I get the ILP at the airport or do I need to apply before hand? Also, do I need multiple ILP’s for multiple locations? I am planning for Tawang and Ziro.

    1. Hi Gunjan,

      There’s a counter of Arunachal Pradesh tourism at the Guwahati airport and you can get your ILP from there. Tawang and ziro fall in separate districts so if you apply online, you will need separate ILPs. If you get the ILP at the airport, names of both the places need to be mentioned.

      How are you planning to travel in Arunachal Pradesh, the rains have started so keep that in mind. Feel free in case you have any questions regarding travel in the North East.


      1. Thank you so much Rajiv. I booked the tickets day before yesterday only. Still need to figure out the travelling and accommodation. It’s an unplanned trip (hopefully adventurous too). 🙂 It’s a ten day trip. Do you think I can cover some other places too apart from Tawang and Ziro?

  3. Dear Mr.Rajiv,what details are reqire as local refrence?hotel name and address?,or address of parents/relative/friend where we have residence.

  4. I have applied ILP online as instructed for one of my friend from Assam. Further I have checked online and also found it verified. Now the problem is I couldn’t found the online section to pay the fee. Please help

    1. You can only pay after your application is ‘approved’. Once ‘verified’, the nest status will be ‘approved’, please wait for that to happen.

  5. Hey please explain about the local reference section..what are we supposed to fill in there?what did you fill?

  6. I applied for ILP and it is approved already.but i had made a mistake in address box plz tell me is it arise any problem at check gate of arunachal pradesh

    1. Address as in your local address? Is it a significant mistake?

      Addresses are not checked or verified at any of the entry gates as per my experiences but you should always provide the correct information.

    1. It is on the same route and you will encounter only one ILP check gate so one ILP is enough. Just mention the district(s) correctly while applying.

      How are you traveling by the way? Solo or in a group?

      1. Hi Mr Rajiv
        Wonderful article and well explained the complete procedure

        Can u pl confirm if the ILP is checked at airport on arrival, specifically at Pasighat airport

        I will land at Pasighat and will mov to Assam/ Nagaland

        1. Thanks Mr. Singh.

          Yes, ILP is checked at every point of entry of Arunachal Pradesh.

          Given the current COVID SOPs, a negative certificate is also checked.

          In absence of the same, a test is done before one is allowed inside Arunachal Pradesh.

  7. If I apply on line then I have to take three ILP as there is three district I will touch Please tell since for online apply three ILP shall I have to pay Rs 100 each means total Rs 300.

        1. Are you telling me you haven’t had a look at the website yourself yet?

          The website had changed. Now you can add more than one district while applying.

          Thanks for bringing it to my notice, I will update the blog post soon, about the change in the website.

  8. Please answer

    Hello rajiv,

    I want to know is ilp on arrival valid throughout? Like you said in online ilp we need to apply for different districts.
    So, please tell.


    1. Hi Varun,

      There is no ILP that is valid throughout Arunachal Pradesh.
      As mentioned in the post, you will have to mention all the districts you wish to visit or will be crossing while in Arunachal Pradesh while applying the for ILP.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Very thank you, please also tell will i get the ilp for itanagar as well when i will reach Naharlagun railway station?( as they provide ilp on arrival).

        Thank you.

  9. Thanks again,

    But i have no reference there. So, as you said the ilp will not approve. Please confirm again that will i get ilp for itanagar as well at Naharlagun railway station?


    1. You don’t need any reference there. Naharlagun and Itanagar are nearby towns, Naharlagun has a railway station while Itanagar has. So, this also means that when you are alighting at Naharlagun, you will have to take permit for Papum Pare.

      1. But sir you mentioned it in the third point of the additional information section that one need to have some reference to get online ilp. Please clarify.


        Will Papum Pare ilp work for both Naharlagun & itanagar?


        1. Reference means, any contact reference back home.
          ILPs are issued for a district. Itanagar and Naharlagun are both in Papum Pare district so yes, it is the same ILP for both.

  10. Does it mean can i give my home address where i live now? Can you please also tell if i can get ilp 2 months in advance now as i am planning the trip in december?


      1. Dear Rajiv,

        Very sorry for disturbing you, if i had read the comments then the answer was there for all my questions i realised. Thanks for your cooperation, can u also tell what is the other way by train from delhi to naharlagun(via other route) if i don’t come by ac express?


          1. Very thanks again, if Donyi Polo Express is the best solution, then should i board at source (guwahati) or in between station along the route? Is there any better option if i travel partially by road (bus)?


          2. Thank you rajiv, i am visiting naharlagun on 1st week of December, is there any accomodation problem(due to any festival etc. ) as i am not booking hotel in advance.

          3. Hi Varun,

            As per my knowledge, there are no upcoming festivals in the first week of December in Naharlagun. Have a nice stay there.


  11. How i supposed to have any local reference if i go arunachal pradesh for the very first time?
    in that case in online application form what should i write in the column of local reference?
    please help me in this immediately.

    1. Hi Dibyendu,

      Please go through the comments on this post and you will have your answer.

      In place of local reference on the ILP form, you need to give a reference of someone back home. You need not give a local reference in Arunachal Pradesh.

      Happy Travels.

  12. Hey Rajiv

    I have encountered a peculiar problem. I applied for my ILP, got approved and I paid. now my trip is in 2 days. but for the past 3 days, the ILP website is down and I cannot acquire it. even the helplines are down. the trip cannot be postponed because it’s a college trip. What options do i have on such a short notice?

    1. Hi Shubhankan,

      The ILP website is opening just fine at my end. If it isn’t opening at your end, I would suggest you try opening the website on a different computer/ISP?

      Good luck!

  13. Hi Rajiv, my friend and I are planning to visit arunuchal Pradesh in the next week. Our route is Nameri – Dirang – Tawang – Bombdila – Kaziranga. For the online ILPwe are getting only Tawang as the district and we can’t choose Bombdila district. How do we go about getting the permission? Your help on this would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Payal,

      You don’t need a separate permit for Bomdila if you already have the ILP for Tawang. Just get the ILP for Tawang circuit and you should be sorted for this circuit.

      Have a great trip ahead.

      In case you need help in executing your trip to Tawang, you might want to take the help from North East Explorers (


      1. Hi Rajiv,

        Many thanks for your help. We got our permit today based on the Tawang circuit like you mentioned. So excited for the trip!!

        Thanks again and best wishes,

    1. You should be entering Arunachal Pradesh only on or after the date mentioned on your ILP and should leave Arunachal before the ILP expires.

  14. I had applied online ilp for Arunachal On 17th Feb the status is under processing, am bit worried whether will get the ilp on time, I am reaching Guwahati Airport on 26th Feb at 7 am, what time does the ilp counter in the airport open?

    1. Which processing office did you select while applying for Arunachal Pradesh ILP. In my experience, the processing office of Itangar and Shillong have the shortest turnaround time.

      I suggest you re-apply and select the Shillong processing office. You should have your ILP in a day.

  15. We will be traveling from Guwahati to Tawang and then to kaziranga, then shillong. So which gate should I chose while applying for online ilp for Tawang?

  16. Hey Rajiv,

    We are traveling to Tawang on 1st of april and we have got a group ILP. Now the person who has marked himself as primary applicant is not coming with us. Will that be a issue? Since address proof given is of primary applicant.

    Should we apply for individual /group ILP again or should we travel on the earlier group ILP without the primary applicant?

  17. Hey Rajiv. I have applied for single ILP for Tawang for the month of May as i had planned a solo trip. But now my wife wishes to join me. How can we increase the number of persons??

  18. Hi,

    I am visiting with my family in mid of May to Arunachal Pradesh. We are covering Guwahati, Shillong, Cherrapunji, Dawki, Mawlynnong, Kaziranga, Dirang, Tawang, Bomdilla and again Guwahati. Firstly, I need to know if my itinerary is perfect, as I am visiting with my family by road starting from Guwahati. Secondly, Would Kaziranga National Park be open during this time (I got mixed feedback on this so need to be clear otherwise I need to change my itinerary) and Thirdly, I would need ILP for what all above mentioned places.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Khushbu,

      The itinerary looks ok sans the Kaziranga part. Kaziranga after April 30th remains only partially open. Not really a great time to visit.

      Planning for mid-May now (towards the end of May) is a little late, to be honest.

      In case you need help in planning and executing the trip, you can get in touch with my company North East Explorers. We are experts in providing eco-travel experiences here in the North East.

      About the ILP, you will need ILP for ‘Tawang’.


  19. is it necessary to get ILP to enter to Arunachal for other tribals of NE people? ( for Naga’s, Mizo’s etc)

    1. Whether a student in Arunachal Pradesh needs an ILP or not is something the college is best positioned to answer. However, according to my understanding, your college ID card should suffice.

  20. Hi Rajiv, thanks for this useful information…we a group of 6adults and 3 child are planning for a trip on 23-10-2018 to 30-10-2018.we have a plan to stay at bhalukpong,dirang,tawang, and bomdila and then at kaziranga. Now if u kindly guide us about getting eilp for AP. My question is when we have to apply for eilp(i.e how many days before?) And in eilp application form what to select as processing office and districts? If I give my friend name add as local reference ….will it serve? Thank u and waiting for ur reply….

    1. Hello Atin,

      To be on the safer side, apply a week before your trip’s start date.

      Your friend as a reference should be ok.

      In case you want help in planning and execution of your trip to Arunachal Pradesh and would like to take professional help, feel free to get in touch with

    1. Yes, you will need a hard-copy of the online ILP for Arunachal Pradesh. I would suggest you keep multiple copies of it with you as you have to sumbit one copy each wherever you stay in Arunachal Pradesh. Be it hotels or homestays.

  21. Hi Rajiv,

    I am travelling to Ziro and Tawang in Sep-Oct. I understand that we need just the Tawang permit for Tawang, Bomdila, Dirang and Bhalukpong, and a separate permit for Bum La Pass, that I’ll have to take from Tawang itself. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Can you please tell which district’s permit do I need for Ziro?

    Thanks in advance,

  22. Hi Rajiv,

    Went through all your writeups, pretty much liked them. Thanks for such informative posts. Planning to visit Tawang sometime in Oct’18. Do children (2.5 yrs, 6 yrs) need ILP for visiting Tawang?


    1. Hi Debayan,

      Thanks for your kind words. And yes, you will need an ILP to visit Tawang (and anywhere else in Tawang). However, I think it’s a little too late for a trip in October.

      In case you need professional help in planning & executing your trip, you can get in touch with


  23. Hi Rajiv,
    I am going alone to North east for 10 days starting from Nov1st 2018 .
    I have 2 plans,
    A) Cover Arunachal pradesh in bike, explore assam and meghalaya on public transport.
    B)Cover Meghalaya, Tripura,Mizoram,Manipur,Nagaland on public transport.
    Which would be better on 1st week of November for solo.Any problem in getting ILP for solo.
    Any tribal festivals in any states in this time?


          1. The Tawang festival ends in the last week of October. There’s Hornbill Festival in the first week of December in Nagaland.

  24. Hello my friend it has been almost 3 days since I’ve applied online ILP but my application is still under processing. What should I do ? I’m going to pasighat on 5 December 2018.

  25. Hy Rajiv,

    I am planning to go to Ziro from Guwahati and would be taking train to naharlunga.
    – Would I need to ILP, probably which gate or is there common ilp irrespective of gates entry and exit?
    – Since i am taking train, I am concerned how will they check?

    1. Hi Vidyashree,

      Yes, you will need an ILP even if you are traveling to Naharlagun via train. While applying, select Papum – Pare district and the gate will be automatically assigned.

      There is a stringent check for ILP that happens at the Naharlagun Railway station as you exit.

      Have a great trip!

  26. Hi, Rajiv

    We are two families planning for Guw-Tawang; with Kids of 6/3/0.5 years.

    In group ILP, do we need ILP for kids.

    Thanks !!

  27. Hi Rajiv,

    Myself with my wife and parents are planning to visit AP in the month of May, we will be covering Bhalukpong,Dirang,Tawang,Bomdila and bumla pass. Will one group eILP suffice? For how many days does it stay valid from the date of issuance? Do we need a separate eILP for Bumla pass or will the same one work? Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Shivayan,

      For all the places mentioned above, one eILP will suffice. Validity will depend upon your days in Arunachal and is capped to a maximum of 15 days.

      There is no eILP for Bum La, you will have to procure it seperately.


    2. One eILP is fine for the entire Tawang circuit. However, you will need a separate permit for Bum La which can be obtained from Tawang.

      The Bum la permit cannot be applied online.

      Have a great trip!

  28. Hi,

    Thanks for the information provided here. It is of great help.
    I filled up the form and submitted only to realise that I made a mistake in my email id.
    Just wanted to check if they send the details via sms too, because the number provided is correct.

    1. Yes they do.

      But that’s just the application id which you also get via email.

      So you should be fine.

      Alternatively, you can choose to not pay for this ILP application and apply again.

  29. Hi Rajiv,
    I have got my eilp, approved and done with my payment as well. i have choosen only West Kameng as district option but now i have planned to visit till Tawang. Will the approved eilp shall be valid or shall i need to apply again

    1. I guess the entry gates of both the districts are same, in which case, there should be no problem.

      However, go and check the same on the ILP website once.

      Have a great trip!

      1. Thanks for addressing this.

        Yes, the gate is common for both the districts. Hope, this might work out. Let me experience and let know what the situation is.

        Thanks again, Rajiv!!!

  30. Hi, Rajiv. I applied ILP for Tawang and get approved. Date of visit is 21-07-19.
    My question is can I enter Arunachal Pradesh on 22-07-19.

      1. Thanks Rajiv. I want to know one more thing.
        I see in the trip advisor that best time to visit Tawang up to June.

        As I plan to visit mid of July. Is their any chances of landslide or why July is not good time for visit Tawang.

        I have professional driver can I take my personal car to Tawang.

        1. The monsoons, to me, is my fav season to drive to Tawang.

          However, if you are not familiar with the terrain, it might get a little tricky.

          Landslides will be there, unless you are very lucky. A vehicle with high groundo – clearance is the way to go.

          Start early, go slow and you will like Tawang in the monsoons.

          Happy travels!

  31. Hi Rajiv, i am doing my Mountaineering course in Dirang – NIMAS institute for one month, which ILP i have to take? West Kameng ?

    1. Hi Niranjan,

      I would say, yes ILP for West Kameng.

      But I also think, your institute will be better suited to suggest here.


  32. If i take the train to Murkeongselek from Guwahati , do you think I need this permit ? Do they really check so much ?

    And if yes, where can i get it in this route offline.

    My trip starts tuesday like Guwahati-murkeongselek-pasighat-aalo , actually i arrive late in the airport and i cannot take the ILP in Guwahati airport ? Please suggest something. I applied online already and it is still under process

    1. Is procuring an ILP that big a task that you are even thinking about trying something that is not allowed??

      If you don’t have an ILP, you will NOT be allowed to enter.

  33. No, i have applied and ofcourse i will get it. I just want to know because nowhere it is mentioned.

    Could you please tell me how long the office @Guwahati Airport is open?? Working hours of the office at Guwahati

  34. Sir, mera bank exam naharlagun me hai… Agr mai xm pass ho ajta hu to fr job k lye Inner line permit ktne din ka bnta h or ktna rupya lgta h Ilp for bank employee

  35. I’m applying for eILP, uploaded an Aadhar card with size of 75 KB, still it says “File size should be less than 200kb and should be jpg/jpeg/pdf file”

  36. I had applied for group Arunachal ILP. It has been approved & I have done the payment too. But on checking found that two of the group members name has been wrong (In one there is a spelling mistake & in other the 1st name has been completely wrong. How can this be rectified? I have mailed to ILP Team to rectify it. Is that sufficient or is there any other option for the same.?

    Thank U.

  37. Hi can anybody help me with eilp, my application got rejected twice for the same reason of local reference. First time I put my sister name ,address and mobile number who stays in the same state as me, they rejected. Second time I gave name address and mobile number of a relative who is my neighbour, again rejected. Can anybody type the format in which local reference is to be written. Both times I put the processing office as tezpur. Can anybody help me?? I need ILP for a month as I am going for basic mountaineering course in NIMAS dirang

    1. This should not have happened as per my experience so far.
      Please try giving the local reference of your NIMAS training institute.

      Also, try the ILP Issuing Office, Shillong instead.

      Good luck.

  38. Hi, Thanks a lot for all the information. I will be traveling to NIMAS, Dirang for my basic mountaineering course. I have booked my flight ticket to Guwahati and from there on, I’ll be taking a shared taxi.

    1) What should be my processing office?
    2) Which districts should I select?
    3) Which will be my gate?

    1. Hi,

      Since you are going for a longer period, for your case, I am not sure if this tourist ILP will be applicable for you.

      Your institute will be best placed to suggest.

      For districts, you should choose West Kameng,

      Gate will be automatically assigned to you.


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