Singapore Tourist VISA in Bangalore – How to apply

Those who know me know that when it comes to planning a trip, I like to do everything myself. The planning, the logistics and papers. I have never been a fan of packaged tours. So when the thought of a small holiday to Singapore crossed my mind, the first question that popped-up in my mind was about the VISA. Blame it to the size of our country or the other obvious things but when it comes to applying for a visa, you realize the Indian passport is not one of the most welcome documents. Let me share my experience of applying for a Singapore VISA in Bangalore.

Singapore VISA for Indians in Bangalore

Singapore VISA for Indians in Bangalore

How to apply for a Singapore Tourist VISA in Bangalore?

After some basic research I found that unlike a lot of other countries who have registered agencies like VFS for VISA processing, Singapore had none. It was a good thing and a bad for me. Good because I have always found agencies like VFS more crowded and so you can’t drop-in, drop your passport and leave. And it was a slightly bad thing for me because I was not sure which agency to go for. Also, no two travel agencies were charging the same visa fee. Some time back there used to be some way of applying on your own online but that is a thing of past now.

Documents required for Singapore Tourist VISA for Indians

Once I had finalized the agency, next thing was to figure out the documents that were required. I knew that because I was applying to the Chennai consulate (residents of South India are supposed to apply to the Chennai consulate) and because my passport was issued in Assam, I will have to furnish more than the regular set of documents. The question however was, what (or what all)? The agency too was not very sure about it and had to follow-up with me for more documents after I had submitted my application. Below is the list of documents required for Singapore tourist VISA in Bangalore (and Chennai).

  • Air-tickets. Arrival. (I had to submit my Malaysia VISA as I was entering from Melaka).
  • Departing air-tickets.
  • Hotel booking for the entire period of your stay.
  • Two copies of 3.5cm X 4.5cm passport-sized photos (Matte finish)
  • Properly filled and signed Singapore Tourist VISA application form.
  • Passport with a minimum of 6 month’s validity.
  • HR Letter on company letter-head mentioning my local address. (You don’t need this if your passport has been issued in South India)

Validity and Fee of Singapore Tourist VISA

It took around five-working days for the VISA to come in my hands. Fair enough for the amount I had paid. Unlike a conventional VISA which is stuck in your passport by the passport issuing authority, Singapore issues eVisas for tourists. The validity for the multiple-entry visa of just a month (Malaysia VISA has a validity of 1 year.) . The fee I paid for was Rs. 2,750/- (which is around S$54). The official VISA fee as printed on the VISA is S$30 and the rest is charged by the agency for their services.

Singapore eVISA

Singapore eVISA


Given the fact that Singapore has a very strong Indian connection and also because it sees a continuous flow of a significant number of tourists, wouldn’t it make more sense to have VISA on Arrival for Indians or at-least an ETA, just like Sri-Lanka has.

How has been your experiences in applying with the blue-book (Indian Passport)?

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19 thoughts on “Singapore Tourist VISA in Bangalore – How to apply

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  2. Hi Rajiv,

    could you let me know which agency you hired and I am travelling from 18th to Bangalore & 22nd 12.45 am leaving from Singapore to australia..not sure which visa has to be applied and with who..any help will be appreciated.

    • Hi Smita,

      The name of the agency I applied through ia mentioned in one of the comments above. I will mention it here again, it was travelway. Because you are going to two different countries, you will need visa for both of them.


  3. hi rajiv,

    like you I also prefer doing my visa paperwork on my own. Just reclarifying again…for a singapore visa…going through an agent is the only option. they have no system of or evisa or a an umbrella organisation like vfs, or a direct application to the consulate…right.


  4. Hey Rajiv, thanks for the very informative post. Super helpful. Just wanted to know – in case you have an idea – we’re transiting through Singapore. 24 hrs layover in Sing between Bangalore and Indonesia. Is there an option to apply for a transit visa? We do not plan on staying in a hotel, so no booking etc. Will that come in the way?

    • Hey Joey!

      I don’t think there’s a transit visa option for Singapore. In all probability, you will have to apply for a tourist visa. Few years back, there was a free transit visa for Indian nationals but I guess that was withdrawn sometime back.

      You have to try and book some accommodation. Or, why not call up the consulate and check with them?

      Do share what do they have to say.

      Good luck!

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