Ruins of the Church of St Augustine, Goa

Over-looking the calm waters of the Mandovi river from atop Monte Santo, the only standing structure of what was once the site for the Augustinian order, the belfry looks very much in contrast to its humble its surroundings. The 46 meter-high imposing tower of one of the seven Churches located on and between seven Hills in and around Velha is sure to catch your attention. It was the first thing that caught my attention too, as I approached the hill-top. Already in awe of its grandeur as I got closer, I realized that this part of a now non-existent façade of what once used to be the Church of St Augustine was not the only thing there that has seen centuries and rulers come and go.

ruins of St. Agustine Church, Old Goa

The Belfry of St. Agustine Church, Old Goa

Every rock, every pillar and every stone there seemed to have something to speak about the times gone by. … continue reading