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Long-term bike parking at Bangalore Airport

As obvious (or stupid) as it might sound now, getting information about whether one can park two-wheelers at the Bangalore airport for a longer period was not as easy to get as I expected it to be. This was the second time in the last six months when I found myself in a situation where I would be flying out on a Saturday morning and would be back by the next day evening and I wanted to know if I could leave my bike there for that period. Not finding any credible information the last time I had taken an auto and then the shuttle to reach the airport. I did not want to do it the second time, at-least not before finding out whether it was possible or not.

ktm rc 200 helmet cam photo
The steed – not on the airport road though

googled and googled and googled it but all that I found everywhere was information about long-term parking for four-wheelers and prices. I found nothing about two-wheeler parking for extended periods. I knew the hourly charges for two-wheeler parking there but the fact that there was a flat charge for four-wheeler parking for extended periods which was different for the hourly charges for them was confusing for me. Luckily, Twitter came to the rescue after a  few tries and I came in touch with someone who worked at the airport. He passed me a number where I could get my doubt clarified over WhatsApp. Too bad the ‘number’ responds only between 9.00 AM and 5.30 PM every day. But never-mind, at-least I had a credible source of information now.

rc ktm bike
Parking like this is great

Bike Parking charges at Bangalore Airport

By 10.30 AM I was all sorted. I had all the information I was looking for. There are no flat charges for long-term parking at the Bangalore airport and the parking is billed at Rs.20/- per four hours. Pretty cheap by any standards.

So this time I rode to the airport, parked it there, came back on a Sunday evening and paid less than Rs. 200/- as the parking fee. How neat. And the bike was as I had left it, absolutely untouched. It was easy on the pocket and I did not have to waste any time because of the slow buses. Not to forget the fun and freedom of riding on the brilliant elevated airport road.

In case you want to get in touch with the BIAL (now KIAL) authorities for some other queries, here’s the WhatsApp number you should drop your messages to +91-88849 98888.

[[UPDATE: 27-Nov-2018:]] As per the reader of this blog Sudheer, the number given above has changed. The new number is: +91 95388 82020. Please refer to his said comment below.

[[UPDATE: 04-Mar-2020:]] As per the reader of this blog Sudheer, the number given above has changed.
There has been a significant change in the layout and the parking areas of the Bangalore International Airport. Please refer to the updated Bangalore airport parking map below.

Bangalore airport parking map
Bangalore airport parking map

Have you ever parked your two-wheeler for extended periods at an airport parking?

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53 thoughts on “Long-term bike parking at Bangalore Airport”

  1. Thanks for the information shared. And I would also like to know whether we’ll be charged for the return toll while coming from airport via Bike. Because normally while going by car they’re charging while returning. My question is do they charge for bike also when coming from airport? I hope you understand my question.

  2. Very useful. Now google returns some better information on the two wheeler long term parking at Bengaluru Airport. Thanks.

  3. Called them, they say its Rs. 120 for 24 hours. I need to leave Sat morning and will be back Monday morning – total Rs. 240. Not bad. number is – 9538882020

  4. hi team.
    I just called BIA contact and they informed that long term bike charges are 150/- for 1st day and 120/- per day thereafter.

    1. I am not sure of the above news. I had kept my bike from last Friday (4th Jan, 2019) night till Sunday night and they charged me 260 for 2 days & 3 hours. So its still seems to be the same i.e. 20 rupees for every 4 hour (which automatically counts as 120 rupees per day).

      Please refer to the below Bengaluru Airport link as well:

  5. Thank you so much.. was really very helpful..saved a lot of money for me…. I contacted the above number and they directed me to another number to know the exact charges….9538884433.. I called them and they gave exact details..

  6. Appreciate it bud ! I was planning on riding my desert storm there and leave there for a week. Flying to Phuket to celebrate my 25th birthday !!!

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