In Pictures: Trip to Ooty and Kodanad

While shuffling through photos I had taken during my various trips over the years, I bumped upon some old images from the first trip I did soon after I moved to Bangalore.

Though these photos are nothing great if we talk about ‘quality’ but photos, according to me, are more about ‘taking us back to the moment when they were taken and less about the ‘quality’ or anything else?

Aren’t they?

bangalore mysore road

Beautiful roads

Let me share some of my memories I have with this trip. Memories of leaving for a long ride for the first time on my newly purchased motor-cycle, memories of riding through the narrow roads of the Bandipur and then the Mudumalai national parks, memories of taking on the hair-pin bends of the Nilgiris one at a time and thinking, what if there was an elephant or a tiger across one of the ‘hair-pins’!!… continue reading