Fun in Goa with the all new Tiago

It had hardly been a week since I had come back from my first solo trip to Goa. I was sitting at my desk scrolling through some of the photos from the trip when I got a call from Naveen asking me if I was free the coming weekend. Now I had a tentative plan to attend the Bangalore Literature Festival that was happening on the same weekend but then, I took no time to respond in affirmative. Anything being organized by team Indi is always fun so how can this be any different! By evening, the tickets were with me. Me and 59 other top bloggers from across the country had being invited by TATA motors to experience their upcoming hatchback and get a feel of it first-hand!

The all new TATA Zica - 1Goa

The all new TATA Tiago – Goa

Fast forward to the GOA airport where after a warm welcome by team-Indi, the last batch of bloggers to arrive which we were, started for Alila Diva which was going to be our home for the weekend.… continue reading